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Virtual Visits for Care of Patients with Heart Failure in the Era of COVID-19

Virtual Visits for the care of patients with heart failure in the era of COVID-19 and beyond -- best practices, policy changes, reimbursement, and more.

Paul J. Hauptman, MD, The University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, Knoxville TN
Michael W. Rich, MD, Saint Louis, MO

Eiran Z. Gorodeski, MD, MPH, FHFSA
Parag Goyal, MD, MSc

Archived Episodes

November 2019: Volume 25, Issue 11
Featuring cardiopulmonary baroreflex control of renal sympathetic nerve activity is impaired in dogs with left ventricular dysfunction. Featuring Paul Hauptman, MD and Mark Dunlap, MD Download mp3 

August 2019: Volume 25, Issue 8
Issue highlights and introduction, and interview with Michael M. Givertz of “HFSA/SAEM/ISHLT Clinical Expert Consensus Document on the Emergency Management of Patients with Ventricular Assist Devices” from the July 2019 issue. Featuring Paul Hauptman, MD and Michael M. Givertz, MD Download mp3 

December 2018: Volume 24, Issue 12
Issue highlights and introduction, interview with George A. Mensah of “Heart Failure in Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries: Rising Burden, Diverse Etiology, and High Mortality.” Featuring Paul Hauptman, MD and George A. Mensah, MD Download mp3 

April 2018: Volume 24, Issue 4
Issue highlights and introduction, interview with Javed Butler of “Diastolic Dysfunction in Individuals with Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection: Literature Review, Rationale and Design of the Characterizing Heart function on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (CHART) Study”, and Bryan Taylor of “Respiratory muscle weakness in patients with heart failure: time to make it a standard clinical marker and a need for novel therapeutic interventions? By Paul Hauptman, MD Download mp3

March 2018: Volume 24, Issue 3
Issue highlights and introduction, interview with statistic consultant John Chibnall, PhD. By Paul Hauptman, MD Download mp3

February 2018: Volume 24, Issue 2
Issue highlights and introduction, interview with authors Linda Peterson and Andrew Coogan of “Dietary nitrate increases VO2peak and performance but does not alter ventilation or efficiency in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction”, and the editorialist Matthew Maurer of “More Than Meets the Eye: Time for a New Imaging Paradigm to Test for Cardiac Amyloidosis.” Download mp3 

January 2018: Volume 24, Issue 1
Issue highlights and introduction, Charles McTiernan, Kenneth Bilchick, and Sula Mazimba. By Paul Hauptman, MD Download mp3 

November 2017: Volume 23, Issue 11
Issue highlights and introduction, interview with author Josef Stehlik of “Implementation of Real-time Assessment of Patient-Reported Outcomes in a Heart Failure Clinic. A Feasibility Study.” By Sue Wingate, PhD  Download mp3 

October 2017: Volume 23, Issue 10
Issue highlights and introduction, interview with editorialist Kevin O'Conner of “An Innovative Approach to Increasing Donor Heart Supply: Will It Work?” and editorialist Gene Bukhman of “Universal Coverage for Heart Failure Diagnosis and Treatment: Looking to Central Australia from sub-Saharan Africa”.MD By Paul Hauptman  Download mp3  

September 2017: Volume 23, Issue 9
Issue highlights and introduction, tribute to Henry Krum: “Henry and Mount Rushmore.”  
By Paul Hauptman, MD Download mp3 

August 2017: Volume 23, Issue 8 Issue highlights and introduction, author interview with Nihar Desai on “The Impact of the Transition From Volume to Value on Heart Failure Care: Implications of Novel Payment Models and Quality Improvement Initiatives By Paul Hauptman, MD  Download mp3 

July 2017: Volume 23, Issue 7
Issue highlights and introduction, Author Interview with Hitesh Patel on “Assessing the Eligibility Criteria in Phase III Randomized Controlled Trials of Drug Therapy in Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction: The Critical Play-Off Between a “Pure” Patient Phenotype and the Generalizability of Trial Findings .” 
By Paul Hauptman, MD Download mp3 

June 2017: Volume 23, Issue 6
Issue highlights and introduction, Author Interview with Burhan Mohamedali on “Mean Arterial Pressure to Central Venous Pressure Ratio: A Novel Marker for Right Ventricular Failure After Left Ventricular Assist Device Placement.” 
By Paul Hauptman, MD Download mp3 

May 2017: Volume 23, Issue 5
Issue highlights and introduction, Author Interview with Stavros Drakos on “Advancing the Science of Myocardial Recovery With Mechanical Circulatory Support: A Working Group of the National, Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.”
By Paul Hauptman, MD Download mp3  

April 2017: Volume 23, Issue 4 

Issue highlights and introduction, Author Interview with Larry Allen and Madhav Narayan on “Patient Perspectives on Communication of Individualized Survival Estimates in Heart Failure.”  By Paul Hauptman, MD Download mp3 

March 2017: Volume 23, Issue 3
Issue highlights and introduction
By Paul Hauptman, MD  Download mp3