Heart Failure Beat Podcast

This original HFSA podcast series brings you monthly interviews with heart failure care clinicians, authors from the Journal of Cardiac Failure, and others on timely and relevant topics in heart failure research and treatment. 

Each month, join the Heart Failure Society of America as we have candid conversations with heart failure clinicians on the topics they face on a daily basis. From breakthroughs in research and treatment to career development and growth, the Heart Failure Beat has you covered! If you’re a cardiology clinician, trainee, or just plain interested in hearing discussions about heart failure news from leading experts, this is the podcast for you! 


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Ideas for Future Episodes

Have an idea for an episode of the Heart Failure Beat or would you like to be a guest? Drop us an email at hfbeat@hfsa.org

Want More Information?

For more information on being a guest or how to listen in, please contact us at hfbeat@hfsa.org.

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Disclaimer: The opinions presented in episodes of the Heart Failure Beat do not necessarily reflect the opinions or recommendations of the Heart Failure Society of America. Furthermore, HFSA does not endorse any medications or treatments discussed in these episodes.