Heart Failure Research Foundation

The Heart Failure Research Foundation improves the lives of patients by reducing the burden of heart failure through the advancement of scientific knowledge and the promotion of breakthrough research.

Your Generosity at Work

The Heart Failure Research Foundation will find and fund new researchers and cutting-edge research.

Emerging Leader Grants

The Heart Failure Research Foundation supports new researchers in all areas related to heart failure. Our Emerging Leaders Grants program is open to all early-stage investigators who have completed their terminal research degree or residency – whichever is later – within the last 10 years. We will help the next generation of investigators establish successful research careers.

As the Heart Failure Research Foundation launches, our immediate goal is to award $50,000 Emerging Leader Grants to a class of early career researchers in 2024.

Transformative Research Grants

Novel approaches in research can struggle to gain a funding foothold. That’s where the Foundation wants to make a difference. We are interested in providing initial funding to established researchers to explore early-stage ideas that have the potential for high reward in the long-term. 

Transformative Research Grants are a mid-term goal of the Foundation. We hope to release our initial RFP in 2024, and award 1-2 grants of $150,000 or more by 2025.

Recognizing Our Donors

The Foundation is the philanthropic home for individuals who want to improve the lives of patients through the advancement of heart failure research. Our work is only possible when our donors choose to generously give. The Heart Failure Research Foundation’s launch goal in 2023 is to raise a minimum of $250,000 in funding for programs in 2024. Donors helping us reach this initial goal will be recognized in the following ways:

Annual Donor Giving Circles

Every gift gets us closer to our goal of transforming patient care. Annual donors build the bedrock of our work with their committed, ongoing support each year. They will be recognized at the following levels of giving:

Foundation Annual Donor Circles
Sustainer Circle Monthly Giving

Sustainer  Circle donors commit to monthly gifts using our online donation form. They break their gift into bite-sized chunks that add up to big impact in a year. These donors provide sustainable funding for our programs and receive regular program updates and fewer donation requests. They are recognized at their cumulative Annual Donor Giving Circle above, plus acknowledge in special Sustainers Circle donor listings.

Impact Donor Giving Societies

Impact Donor Giving Societies recognize individuals and families who give at the $15,000 level or higher. Gifts of this size can be made in installments over 1-3 years. Recognition is given from gift commitment until the year it is completed. Gifts may also be designated to either the Emerging Leaders or Transformative Research funds.

Foundation Impact Giving Societies
Honor & Memorial Giving

Donors can give in honor of a family member or treatment provider, or remember a loved one, with a gift to Heart Failure Research Foundation. There is a special place on our form to add a dedication. Tribute gifts will be recognized in special listings on our website, and we will send a notification to your honoree or their family.