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Heart Failure Research Foundation

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The Heart Failure Research Foundation improves the lives of patients by reducing the burden of heart failure through the advancement of scientific knowledge and the promotion of breakthrough research.

Your Generosity at Work

The Heart Failure Research Foundation will find and fund new researchers and cutting-edge research. We are just $15,000 away from opening our first round of Emerging Leader Grants in 2024! Your philanthropic, tax-deductible gift will provide the resources to accomplish this.

Emerging Leader Grants

The Heart Failure Research Foundation supports new researchers in all areas related to heart failure. Our Emerging Leaders Grants program is open to all early-stage investigators who have completed their terminal research degree or clinical training and are within 5 years of their first faculty appointment. This program is open to investigators in any field. We will help the next generation of investigators establish successful research careers.

As the Heart Failure Research Foundation launches, our immediate goal is to award 1-2 early-stage investigators with a 1-year grant up to $150,000, with the potential for a renewal for a second year. Our first Emerging Leader class of early career researchers is targeted for 2024.

Transformative Research Grants

Novel approaches in research can struggle to gain a funding foothold. That’s where the Foundation wants to make a difference. We are interested in providing initial funding to established researchers to explore fledgling ideas that have the potential for high reward in the long-term. The proposed project would expect to deliver preliminary data to demonstrate feasaiility and promise for large-scale study. Preference will be given to inter-disciplinary teams.

Transformative Research Grants are a mid-term goal of the Foundation. We hope to release our initial RFP in 2024, and award grants of up to $250,000 annually by 2025.

Recognizing Our Donors

The Foundation is the philanthropic home for individuals who want to improve the lives of patients through the advancement of heart failure research. Our work is only possible when our donors choose to generously give. 

Diamond Society ($50,000+)

Rich & Ann Teerlink

Sapphire Society ($15,000-24,999)

Robin Lewis-Gage & Family in memory of Harlan Lewis & Gary Gage


The following individuals have given an annual gift in 2024

Gold Circle ($5,000-9,999)

G. Gary Gibbs

James Young

Bronze Circle ($1,000-2,499)

Carl Leier

Marc Silver

Lynne Stevenson

Copper Circle (up to $999)

Larry Allen

Gabriel Alugba

Douglas Bank

John Barnes

Khadijah Breathett

Ester Cerdan

Amy Channell

Fran & Mark Cardaci in memory of Louis Naglak

Karin Caldwell in memory of Elba Pizzuti

Michele Cardamone in memory of Daniel Sullivan

Padmaraj Duvvuri

Howard Eisen

Joan Falcone in memory of Elba Pizzuti

Gerard Goulet in memory of Louis Naglak

Geoff and Helen Griffith in memory of Daniel Sullivan

Cassandra Guerrier in memory of Louis J. Rich

Paola Jaime

Carole Johnson

Miyeon Jung

Michael Kirenan

Philip Kirlin

Richard Kravitz in memory of Elba Pizzuti

Harry Lively

Long Term Care Partners, LLC

Deborah Longo in memory of Elba Pizzuti

David Mailloux in memory of Edward Strohmayer

Fady Malik

Frank McGrew III

Mandeep Mehra

Dave Mesecher in memory of Elba Pizzuti

Corinthia Nash

Muhammad Nasim

Progressive Insurance Foundation

Navin Rajagopalan

Josephine Randazzo

Bria Rice

Shsh Hiten Sureshbhai

Randall Starling in honor of John Barnes

Lynne Stevenson

Masih Tajdini

Damian Wilhelm in memory of Louis J. Rich

Timothy Wilhelm in memory of Louis J. Rich

The following individuals gave an annual gift between January 1-December 31, 2023

Platinum Circle ($10,000-14,999)

John Teerlink in honor of Ann & Rich Teerlink

Gold Circle ($5,000-9,999)

Javed Butler

Silver Circle ($2,500-4,999)

Mark Drazner

Kenneth Margulies

Randall Starling

Bronze Circle ($1,000-2,499)


John Barnes

Camilla Clarke in honor of Natalie Pierson

James Fang in honor of Robb Kociol

Michael Givertz

Corrine Jurgens

Angela King in honor of Natalie Pierson

Colleen McIlvennan in memory of Patrick D. Rohrer

Orly Vardeny

Amanda Vest

Copper Circle (up to $999)

Anonymous in honor of Natalie Pierson

Anonymous in memory of Charles Vargo

Anonymous in memory of Howard Mittler

Abdalla Abdelkader

Kirkwood Adams, Jr.

Nancy Albert

Jodi Baird

Dionne Barnum in honor of Natalie Pierson

Kulpreet Barn

Anupam Basuray

Chester Benham in honor of Dr. Ali Hamid

Cincinnati Ohio Airstream Club in memory of Gerald Fasse

Susan Bionat

Biykem Bozkurt

Leo Buckley

Georges Chahoud

Gwendolyn Claunch

Mary Conti

Maria Rosa Costanzo

Ira Dauber

Pamela Dumaine in memory of Gerald Fasse

Padmaraj Duwuri

Howard Eisen

Luis Farfan

Michael Felker

Robert Fender in memory of Gerald Fasse

Janet Fike

Mona Fiuzat

Sandy Flanagan in memory of Gerald Fasse

Kayla Floyd

Janet Gaffney

Juan Garcia Cruz

Maria Giovanna Trivieri

Alan Hader

Mazen Hanna

Michael Hanna

Hatem Hassaballa

Karen Hepp Family in memory of Gerald Fasse

Teresa Hodgkiss

Steven Hollenberg

Joori Jeon

Jewel King Jewelers in memory of Gerald Fasse

Andreas Kalogeropoulos

Brian Katona

David Kaufman

Kazuhiko Kido

Michael Kiernan

Michelle Kittleson

Patrick Klocke in memory of Gerald Fasse

Marvin Konstam

Cynthia Kos

Claudine Kuelske in honor of Melissa Friebis

Sharon LaForest

Ann Laramee

Elizabeth Lee

Gregory Lewis

Sheldon Litwin

Renzo Loyaga-Rendon

Anthony Magalski

Douglas Mann

Kenton Miles in memory of Gerald Fasse

James Murray

Christopher O'Connor

Anekwe Onwuanyi

Sara Paul

Melvin Pierson in honor of Natalie Pierson

Natalie Pierson

Sean Pinney

Navin Rajagopalan

Josephine Randazzo

Lisa Randolph in honor of Natalie Pierson

Vijay Rao

Juan Rodriguez-Escudero

Stephen Rosenthal

Dora Rossi

Vincent Salvador

Marc Silver

Stanislaw Skaluba

Dolores Smith in memory of Gerald Fasse

Diane Sockness in memory of Charles Vargo

Neal Stone in memory of Gerald Fasse

Laura Stott

Nancy Sweitzer

Albert Tallarigo

James Uebel in memory of Gerald Fasse

Ross Upton

Paul Verst in memory of Gerald Fasse

George Vetrovec

Vytenis Viltrakis in memory of Gerald Fasse

Tania Vora

WB Jones Spring CO Inc in memory of Gerald Fasse

Suresh Yerra

Natalie Zundel in honor of John Barnes

Impact Donor Giving Societies

Impact Donor Giving Societies recognize individuals and families who give at the $15,000 level or higher. Gifts of this size can be made in installments over 1-3 years. Recognition is given from gift commitment until the year it is completed. Gifts may also be designated to either the Emerging Leaders or Transformative Research funds.

Foundation Impact Giving Societies
Annual Donor Giving Circles

Every gift gets us closer to our goal of transforming patient care. Annual donors build the bedrock of our work with their committed, ongoing support each year. They will be recognized at the following levels of giving:

Foundation Annual Donor Circles
Sustainer Circle Monthly Giving

Sustainer  Circle donors commit to monthly gifts using our online donation form. They break their gift into bite-sized chunks that add up to big impact in a year. These donors provide sustainable funding for our programs and receive regular program updates and fewer donation requests. They are recognized at their cumulative Annual Donor Giving Circle above, plus acknowledge in special Sustainers Circle donor listings.

Honor & Memorial Giving

Donors can give in honor of a family member or treatment provider, or remember a loved one, with a gift to Heart Failure Research Foundation. There is a special place on our form to add a dedication. Tribute gifts will be recognized in special listings on our website, and we will send a notification to your honoree or their family.