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Heart Failure Awareness 365

HFSA is building awareness of heart failure by educating the public on symptoms, risk factors, available treatment, and more.

What is Heartbeat of Research?

The vision of the Heart Failure Society of America is to significantly reduce the burden of heart failure. One way to accomplish this is to spread awareness of the risk factors, methods of prevention, best practices for living with heart failure, and treatment options.

In the spirit of the annual HFSA Heart Failure Awareness Week (which takes place in February), HFSA continues awareness initiatives throughout the entire year by sharing practical information on a specific heart failure-related topic or theme each month that is useful to both patients, their families, and the general public.

Highlights from Heart Failure Awareness Week 2024

Heart Failure Awareness Week 2024 took place February 11-17, 2024. Catch up on what you missed below or go here.

Heart Failure Beat: Healthy Living Podcast
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The Heart Failure Beat: Healthy Living podcast is aimed at providing patients, caregivers, and those with an interest in improving the lives of those with heart failure. Qualified clinicians and real heart failure patients will share insights into new treatments and breakthroughs in the field of heart failure. 

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