Heart Failure Awareness Week 2024

February 11, 2024 - February 17, 2024 | Virtual

Patient Perspectives

HF Week 2024 Patient Perspectives

Everyone's journey with heart failure is different. Take a peak inside several patient stories throughout the week from people of all ages, encompassing some of the many different circumstances that lead to this condition. You'll find that although the journey may be different, the perseverance of these individuals to live life to the fullest is not.

HF Week 2024 Patient Perspective (Different for Everyone)
HF Week 2024 Jerad Green Patient Perspective
HF Week 2024 Patient Perspective (What the Future Holds)

Stories from 2023:

HF Week 2023 Patient Perspectives Denise
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HF Week 2023 Patient Perspectives Laura
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HF Week 2023 Patient Perspectives Shamieka
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Thank you to all members of the HFSA Marketing and Communications Committee (2023-2024) and HFSA Patient Committee (2023-2024) for their work on this activity.

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