Patient and Caregiver Membership

HFSA offers membership to those affected by heart failure including both patient and non-professional caregivers. This page includes information on Patient and Caregiver Membership benefits and how to sign up. Please note that providers are NOT eligible to sign up as Patient/Caregiver members.

If you are a patient living with heart failure or a non-professional caregiver for a patient living with heart failure, you can join the Heart Failure Society of America through the complimentary  Patient/Caregiver membership. As a member, you will receive access to research, information, education, and networking so you can be as informed as possible with the latest information. There are also opportunities to volunteer, build awareness, and act as an advocate for the heart failure patient and caregiver community.

Please note that providers are NOT eligible to sign up as Patient/Caregiver members.


For additional questions about membership benefits, please contact HFSA staff at 301-312-8635 or

Become a Member: Step-by-Step Instructions

For step-by-step instructions to complete your membership, follow the video tutorial or written instructions below. 

Video file

1. Click the link to join

2. Login if you already have an account or click "Create an account" at the bottom of the page. 

3. Input the details, including first/last name, email address, and password, making sure to complete any field marked with an asterisk. Click "Create Account." 

4. Select "HF Patient/Caregiver" or if you're already logged in, select "I am a HF Patient/Caregiver" under the "Primary Professional Category" field. Indicate whether you are a patient or caregiver, the type of information you would like to receive, and your areas of interest. Input your date of birth and other fields if you wish to submit the information. Click "Continue."

5. Input a primary organization or write in "N/A" if you are not affiliated with an organization. NOTE: most patients and caregivers will not be affiliated with an organization as this membership type is available only to non-professional caregivers. Click "Continue." 

6. Input your address information and deselect the "Show in Directory" field. Click "Continue."

7. Indicate your "Phone Type" and input your phone number. Deselect the "Show in Directory" field. Click "Continue." 

8. Choose "I am a HF Patient: or "I am a HF Caregiver" under the "Primary Professional Category" field. 

9. You should now see the complimentary Patient/Caregiver membership option. Click "+ Add to Cart" and then "Review & Checkout." Indicate how you heard about HFSA and click "Next." 

10. Review all information in your shopping cart, including the confirmation email address, and then click "Submit." 

11. You should now see a confirmation screen stating that your transaction was successful. Congratulations!  You are now an HFSA member!