Heart Failure Research Network

The Heart Failure Research Network (HFRN) is a network of academic institutions, health systems and community practices actively engaged in heart failure clinical research.  HFRN is comprised of HFSA members conducting clinical research at over 100 institutions across the United States. HFRN connects these members with public and private sector sponsors seeking clinical researchers to meet their heart failure research needs.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of HFRN?

Being a member of HFRN allows HFSA members to participate in high quality clinical trials.  As the Network engages with clinical trial Sponsors, HFRN members will be sent site feasibility surveys, giving them the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial that meets their expertise.  Once a clinical trial Sponsor contracts with a HFRN-member site, HFSA provides additional support, as needed, to assist or advise members, and to monitor the progress of the work.  There is no cost for HFSA members to belong to the Network.

To become a member of HFRN, register below.

What are the benefits to Sponsors working with HFRN?

The HFRN provides access to a network of heart failure experts engaged in clinical research.  The sponsor maintains direct oversight and primary communication with sites.

To submit a protocol for review, sponsors can contact Debbie Zeldow, Director, Science and Research at HFSA, at dzeldow@hfsa.org

How does it work?

  • A clinical trial sponsor submits a research protocol to HFSA for review
  • A fee is determined based on the work identified in the protocol
  • HFSA sends the sponsor’s feasibility survey to HFRN members
  • HFSA reviews completed surveys and recommends a list of qualified sites to the Sponsor
  • The sponsor chooses the sites with which they want to work
  • Once a sponsor selects a recommended HFRN member to participate in their trial, HFSA will monitor the progress of the work to ensure satisfaction on the part of the sponsor and the HFRN site


For more information, contact Debbie Zeldow, Director, Science and Research at HFSA, at dzeldow@hfsa.org