Anju Bhardwaj Headshot

Anju Bhardwaj, MD

Social Media Catalyst

Assistant Professor/Faculty - McGovern Medical School at University of Texas in Houston
2023, 2022 HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting Social Media Catalyst (SMC)

Dr. Anju Bhardwaj is an assistant professor for the Department of Advanced Heart Failure at McGovern Medical School at University of Texas in Houston. She completed her training in Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant at Baylor, Houston. She graduated medical school from a top medical school in India before she moved to US for further training. She also completed a clinical and research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital and worked with Dr. Jim Januzzi on Biomarkers in heart failure who inspired her to pursue heart failure and a career in academics.  

With over 1500 citations, she is well published and has presented at various national and international conferences. She is on the editorial board for Journal of Cardiac Failure and is an adhoc reviewer for major journals in heart failure. Her clinical and research interests include cardiomyopathies and cardiogenic shock. She also runs Cardiac Amyloidosis and Sarcoid clinic at UT.  

A doting aunt, and an avid Star Wars fan, she enjoys traveling, hiking and spending time with her nephews. Her goal is to climb all major hikes and travel all around the world.