Heart Failure Awareness Week 2022

February 13, 2022 - February 19, 2022 | Virtual

Twitter Chat

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Wednesday, February 16: 12:00 PM ET | Twitter | Follow hashtag #HFChat2022

Join HFSA and other heart failure-focused organizations on Twitter for a lively discussion on heart failure. The purpose of the chat is to provide healthcare providers and heart failure patients with an overview on the status of heart failure and to discuss ways to improve quality of care and expand heart failure awareness.


  1. Our #HFWeek2022 theme is Heart Success: Function Not Failure. What does this mean? #HFChat2022
  2. There are many numbers associated with an HF diagnosis: ejection fraction, blood pressure, heart rate goal, weight monitoring. Why do numbers like this matter? #HFChat2022
  3. How can a heart failure patient be best prepared for an appointment with their healthcare provider? #HFChat2022
  4. Before a patient leaves a provider’s office or telehealth visit, what is one thing they should always do or a question they should always ask? #HFChat2022
  5. What can a caregiver (family member, friend, etc.) do to be prepared to help a patient through their appointments or a hospital admission?  #HFChat2022
  6. How can healthcare providers encourage a trusting environment? #HFChat2022
  7. What developments, treatments or medications are on the horizon that are most exciting for heart failure patients? #HFChat2022
  8. Is it safe for patients with heart failure to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot? #HFChat2022


Twitter Chat questions were developed by members of the HFSA Patient Committee (2021-2022) and HFSA Communications Committee (2021-2022) including: 

  • Luke Gormley, PharmD
  • Sarah Riley, CRNP, MSN

With support from:

  • Emily Benton, NP
  • Michael Petty, RN
  • Selma Mohammed, MD, PhD

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