HFSA Committees

Explore leadership opportunities and view lists of members currently serving on HFSA committees. 

The volunteering cycle for 2024-2025 committees has closed. The call for volunteers opens annually in mid-winter or early spring, with official dates to be announced. Contact Taylor Stempel, Manager, Operations & Executive, for any questions on upcoming committee volunteering cycles or closed cycles.

2023 – 2024 Committees

Advocacy Committee

Provide oversight of federal and state legislative and regulatory issues facing the heart failure profession with the goal of improving the care and outcomes of patients with heart failure.

Chair: Eric Adler, MD

  • Andrew Civitello, MD
  • Marvin Konstam, MD
  • Allman Rollins, MD
  • Michelle Weaver, APN, RN
  • Khadijah Breathett, MD
  • Lauren Eyadiel, PA
Annual Scientific Meeting Program Committee

Develop and oversee all educational content for the HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting program, including sessions and faculty.

  • Mitchell Psotka, MD, PhD 2024 Chair
  • Laura Peters, NP-2024 Co-Chair
  • Nosheen Reza, MD-2024 Co-Chair
  • Aaron Bagnola, PharmD-2024 Co-Chair
  • Amanda Vest, MBBS, MPH-2025 Chair
  • Susan Bionat, DNP-2025 Co-Chair
  • Justin Vader, MD-2025 Co-Chair
  • Kathleen Faulkenberg, PharmD
Audit Committee

Provide oversight of the annual audit of the association.

Chair: Mona Fiuzat, PharmD

  • Emily Benton, NP
  • Nancy Sweitzer, MD
  • Minaz Abji
  • Ran Lee, MD
Awards Committee

Develop, provide oversight, and coordinate the selection process of HFSA Awards. Propose award nominees to the Board of Directors for approval.

Chair: James Udelson, MD

  • Susan E. Ammon MSN, NP-C
  • Dennis McNamara, MD
  • Teresa Demarco, MD
  • Stormi Gale, PharmD
  • Jeffrey Towbin, MD
  • Barry Trachtenberg, MD
Clinic Database Committee

Provide oversight on the heart failure clinic database.

Chair: Richard Soucier, MD

  • James Dillingham, MMS, PA, PA-C
  • Katie Ginder, APRN
  • Monica Ahluwalia, MD
  • Danyaal Moin, MD
  • Mark Munger, PharmD, FHFSA
  • Kismet Rasmusson, FNP, FHFSA
Early Career Committee

To promote interest and careers of trainees and early career individuals through education, networking opportunities, and communication.

Chair: Shashank Sinha, MD

  • Mark Belkin, MD
  • Glenn Herrington, PharmD
  • Heidi Roschinger, RN
  • Spencer Carter, MD
  • Sarah Chuzi, MD
  • Joy Coles, DNP
Foundation Fundraising Committee

Provide oversight on fundraising for the Heart Failure Research Foundation.

Chair: Javed Butler, MD, MPH

  • William Baker, PharmD
  • Katelyn Bruno, PhD
  • Paul Mather, MD, FACC, FHFSA
  • Mandeep Mehra, MD
  • Sara Paul, DNP, FNP
  • Randall Starling, MD, MPH
  • Eileen Hsich, MD
  • Lynne Stevenson, MD
  • Robin Gage
Education Committee

Develop, monitor and evaluate HFSA educational programs.

Chair: Freny Mody, MD

  • Kristen De Almeida, PharmD
  • Vicki Groo, BCCP, PharmD
  • Luis Farfan, NP
  • Ashley Hardin, MD
  • Scott Lundgren, MD
  • Emmanuel Olumuyide, RN
Heart Failure Certification Council

The Heart Failure Certification Council has authority for the certification program policies and procedures and the development, oversight, and administration of the certification program for heart failure providers subject to oversight by the HFSA Board of Directors and CEO.

Chair: Alpesh Amin, MD, MBA

  • Mosi Bennett, MD, PhD
  • Yekaterina (Kate) Opsha, PharmD
  • Sara Paul, DNP, FNP, FHFSA 
  • Viet Le, PA
  • Rachel Lebowitz, DNP, CRNP- ACNP/FNP, AACC, HF-CERT
  • Andrea Gavin
HF Stats℠ Committee

Develop an annual data report on heart failure.

Chair: Biykem Bozkurt, MD, PhD

  • Kelly Bosak, PhD, APRN, ANP-BC
  • Gregg Fonarow, MD
  • Jennifer Ho, MD 
  • Paul Heidenreich, MD
  • Alanna Morris, MD
  • Robert Page II, PharmD
  • Josef Stehlik, MD, MPH
  • Lynne Stevenson, MD, PhD 
International Relations Committee

Lead in the implementation of international initiatives, goals and objectives for the association and assist in the coordination of international activities across the association.

Chair: Arvind Bhimraj, MD, MPH

  • Mangeet Chahal, MD
  • Viorel Florea, MD
  • Monique Robinson, MD, PhD
  • Howard Eisen, MD
  • Robert Malloy, NP
  • Said Nouraldin, PharmD
Leadership Recruitment Committee

Recruit and nominate high quality leaders for positions on the Board of Directors, officers of the association and association committees.  Leaders may also serve the association through involvement in special projects, participation on panels, and other volunteer opportunities.

Chair: John Teerlink, MD (Past President)

  • Mike Felker, MD (President-Elect)
  • Orly Vardeny, PharmD
  • Eileen Hsich, MD
  • Corrine Jurgens, PhD RN
  • Ravi Dhingra, MD
  • Megan Fraser, CNP
Marketing and Communications Committee

Provide oversight to HFSA marketing and communications initiatives.

Chair: Lucianne West, PharmD

  • Navin Rajagopalan, MD
  • Kevin Shah, MD
  • Quan Bui, MD
  • Indra Bole, MD
  • Lynda Moyer, RN
  • Sarah Ward, PharmD
Membership Committee

Identify and develop goals and activities for the recruitment and retention of HFSA members, including a focus on member value. Provide oversight of FHFSA Program, including recommendations for new Fellows.

Chair: Mark Drazner, MD

  • Sarine Beukian, ACNP
  • Onyedika Ilonze, MD
  • J. Bradley Williams, PharmD
  • Naveen Bellam, MD
  • Kristen Sethares, PhD RN
  • Deepak Sharma, PA-C
Nursing Committee

To increase the participation of nurses and nurse practitioners in HFSA activities to help fulfill the mission.

Chair: Martha Abshire, PhD, RN

  • Nelly Aghili, DNP
  • Kenneth Faulkner, PhD
  • Ann Laramee, ACHPN, ACNS-BC, ANP-BC
  • Lyndsay DeGroot, PhD, RN, CNE
  • Robbie Jones, MSN
  • Jessica Thompson, PhD
OMT Certificate Committee

Provide oversight to the Heart Failure Certificate Program.

Chair: Jennifer Thibodeau, MD, MSCS

  • Sonja Brune, MSN, APRN, CCNS, CHFN
  • Theodore Berei, PharmD
  • Kazuhiko Kido, Pharm D
  • Teri Diederich, NP
  • Jeffrey Goss, NP
  • Rita Jermyn, MD
Patient Committee

Provide oversight of patient programs at HFSA, including patient education.

Chair: Brittany Clayborne

  • Jason Haney, PharmD
  • Edlira Tam, DO
  • Joban Vaishnav, MD
  • Scott Baute, PA
  • Sharon Huerta, RN
  • Andres Carmona Rubio, MD
Pharmacist Committee

Promote the careers and interests of heart failure pharmacists and the heart failure pharmacist profession through education, networking opportunities and communication.

Chair: Kerry Pickworth, PharmD

  • Brian Lopez, PharmD
  • Jasmine Luzum, PharmD, PhD, FHFSA, FAHA
  • Mallory T. Mouradjian, PharmD, BCCP
  • Robert Page, PharmD
  • Amy Schweitzer, PharmD, BCPS, HF-Cert
  • Benjamin Wang, PharmD 
Research Committee

Provide oversight of heart failure research activities.

Chair: Horng Chen, MD

  • Mustafa Ahmed, MD
  • Melvin Echols, MD
  • Ali Nsair, MD
  • Jill Esquivel, NP, PhD, RN
  • Kimberly Ferrero, PhD
  • Senthil Selvaraj, MD
  • Amin Yehya, MD
Scientific Statements Committee

Provide oversight and coordination of HFSA scientific statements, including generation of topics for scientific statements.

Chair: Nancy Albert, PhD, RN, CCNS, CHFN

  • Marat Fudim, MD
  • Carolyn Lekavich, ANP, PhD, MSN, MHS
  • Kristin Watson, PharmD
  • Sanjeev Gulati, MD
  • Andreas Kalogeropoulos, MD
  • Sabra Lewsey, MD, MPH
Women in Heart Failure Committee

Develop and provide oversight of programs to promote the careers and interest in women in heart failure.

Chair: Selma Mohammed, MD

  • Dia Smiley, DO
  • Karlee Hoffman, DO
  • Amanda Verma, MD
  • Margaret Cuomo, NP
  • Jacqeline Desjardin, MD
  • Michelle Fine, PharmD