HFSA Week - a seven day, virtual gathering of heart failure teams - will take place September 30 - October 6, 2020. Rates for this year's virtual meeting have been deeply discounted to make it easier for all members of the heart failure care team to attend.

Registration Options

Select from the registration options below. Rates can be found below registration options. Have a group of more than 10 from your organization? Contact HFSA staff at for a 10% discount when you register together. 

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Registration Rates

Note: Advanced Non-Member Registration Fees include 2020 HFSA Membership dues and a subscription to the Journal of Cardiac Failure. 

Registration Types

Advance Registration Rate 
Before August 31, 2020

Standard Registration Rate 
After August 31, 2020

Physician (MD, DO): HFSA Member $399 $499
Physician (MD, DO): Non Member $799 $899

Nurse / Nurse Practitioner: HFSA Member

$199 $250
Nurse / Nurse Practitioner: Non Member $399 $450
Pharmacist: HFSA Member $199 $250
Pharmacist: Non Member $399 $450

Health Professional: HFSA Member

Dietician, EMS, nutritionist, OT, PA, PT, policy analyst, physiotherapist, technician/research technician, social worker.    

$199 $250

Health Professional: Non Member

Dietician, EMS, nutritionist, OT, PA, PT, policy analyst, physiotherapist, technician/research technician, social worker.  

$399 $450
Non-Health Professional: HFSA Member $199 $250
Non-Health Professional: Non Member $399 $450
FDA / NIH: HFSA Member $199 $199
FDA / NIH: Non Member $399 $450
Trainee: HFSA Member $99 $199
Trainee: Non Member $175 $275
Press See details below.
Patient and Caregiver Coming soon! Check back soon for more information.
Included in Registration Fees

All elements of the meeting are included in the fees for all registration types. This includes access to the platform for 90 days post-meeting

Press Registration

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Press Policy

Press credentials to cover the HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting will be granted to representatives of the following news media outlets:

  • General circulation newspapers or magazines
  • Wire services
  • Medical, Science, Pharmaceutical, Nursing, and Allied Health Care publications
  • Broadcast media
  • Web site media
  • Accredited medical and science freelance writers
  • Accredited media relations/public relations representatives of nonprofit health organizations

Please be aware that camera crews must be escorted by an HFSA representative. Any filming will require written approval from the HFSA.

To receive a complimentary press badge, reporters and writers must show one of the following credentials:

  • Press card
  • Business card clearly stating affiliation and position Must be identified as an editor, publisher, writer, reporter, or producer.
  • Letter on official letterhead from an editor of a publication, web site, or from a producer of a program certifying the person is covering the meeting for the respective organization
  • National Association of Science Writers, International Association of Science Writers membership card
  • Science journalism students will receive credentials by providing a letter on official school letterhead and signed by a department adviser

Complimentary press badges will not be issued to:

  • Advertising sales representatives of publications
  • Spouses and other guests of journalists attending the meeting
  • Advertising, marketing, or public relations representatives from exhibiting companies or their agencies
  • Representatives of organizations selling or producing publications, video, or audio tapes or websites intended for marketing, advertising or public relations purposes.

Individuals with complimentary HFSA press badges may not:

  • Sell, market, or represent a company for the purpose of obtaining advertising or subscriptions from any registrant or exhibitor
  • Market a product or service displayed on the HFSA exhibit floor
  • Misrepresent themselves to secure press credentials to cover the meeting
  • Conduct product promotion that implies HFSA endorsement, or use the HFSA logo and/or name without the express written permission of HFSA’ s CEO
  • Receive CE or CME credits for attending sessions.
  • Attend “By Invitation Only” sessions and events

Individuals with complimentary HFSA press badges who violate this policy will immediately forfeit press credentials for this and subsequent meetings.

If the Scientific Meeting will serve as an organization’s choice venue for the presentation of new research or data, the HFSA maintains the right to embargo all information until the presentation of material at the Scientific Meeting

Embargo Policy

Abstracts accepted are embargoed for release until the time of presentation at the Heart Failure Society of America’s Annual Scientific Meeting.

The standard is that any company can announce at any time the following:

  1. Announcement that trial is completed
  2. That results will be presented at so and so date in such and such a meeting
  3. What did the trials assess – basic design, questions, study population, interventions etc.


Cancellation Policy

All registration cancellation and refund requests must be made in writing by September 8, 2020. A refund of all fees, minus $80 administration fee, will be given for cancellations received by that date. No refunds will be granted for requests postmarked after September 8, 2020. Substitutions are gladly accepted! A transfer of your full registration to another individual is permitted prior to the conference by submitting written request to All transfers, including onsite transfers, must be accompanied by proof of the original confirmation letter. The individual submitting the transfer request is responsible for all financial obligations (any balance due based on member/non-member pricing, etc.) associated with that substitution. Funds from the program may not be transferred to another program.


For more information or if you have questions about registration, contact HFSA staff at