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Lifetime Achievement Award Spotlight: Inder Anand, MD, PhD

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In this special Lifetime Achievement Award Spotlight, we asked 2021 recipient Inder Anand, MD, PhD to share career highlights, opinions on the future of heart failure care, and his professional advice on entering a career in the field of heart failure.

Dr. Anand will receive the award alongside a co-honoree at the HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting 2021 on Saturday, September 11. Learn more >>

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Please share with us some “highlights” from your distinguished academic career that have significantly impacted the field of heart failure. 

The impact of any research cannot be assessed in the present, but how it influences and furthers research in the field overtime; a light cast beyond itself. 

In your opinion, what are important next steps in research to improve heart failure care?

Research and development of polices for the equitable distribution of comprehensive health care, that is indispensable for the management and heart failure care, in the US and globally.  

Over the years, you have served in many key and critical roles within the Heart Failure Society of America. What do you consider to be some of the pivotal activities that you have led within our Society?

Since its inception in 1995, I have been closely associated with the HFSA as founding member, member of the board and executive committee, treasurer 2008-2010, Associate Editor of the Journal of Cardiac Failure 1994-2001 and 2007-2009, Consulting Editor 2010-14. 

What do you think are new opportunities to grow the Heart Failure Society of America that will enhance its role as a leader amongst professional societies engaged in heart failure education, research, advocacy, etc.?

Encourage younger HF colleagues by appointing them to important positions on committees of HFSA. Active participation of the next generation of HF experts is vital for the expanding role and growth of the HFSA. Collaboration with Heart Failure societies in different parts of the world, interchange of experts, regular dialogue, are all indispensable to foster greater understanding of HF, make and implement uniform guidelines for the management of HF management HHF. 

What advice do you have for early career professionals who are entering the field?

Role of worthy mentors cannot be overstated: mentors who guide your career, encourage respectful irreverence to what is, cultivate an attitude to discover rather than to prove, inculcate a humility to be sensitive to alternate opinion. Most importantly, the efficacy and worth of clinical work and research to be sustained must have an unwavering passion for the calling. As Einstein opined, ‘--our generation awaits your generation to put us to shame.’  

About the HFSA Lifetime Achievement Award 
The HFSA Lifetime Achievement Award is presented by the Executive Council of the HFSA. The purpose of this award is to recognize a lifetime body of work by an individual who has made a significant and sustained contributions to the field of heart failure. The 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award has been made possible with the generous support of Cytokinetic