HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting 2021

September 10, 2021 - September 13, 2021 | Gaylord Rockies, Denver, CO + Virtual

Hyde Park Session

Session submissions are now closed

HFSA is looking for imaginative, insightful, and humorous submissions for the 2021 Hyde Park Session. Presentations should be clever and should challenge current opinion. The audience should laugh its way to new insights. Each presentation will be followed by challenging and sometimes lively discussions with the presenters. Submissions will be judged based on originality and potential interest for the audience. Up to six abstracts will be selected for presentation in the Hyde Park Session.

Speakers will have the opportunity to expound for 10 minutes on any topic related to heart failure. Hyde Park is a democratically structured session, unfettered by the usual standards of peer review.

Submission Deadline: CLOSED

Speakers may wish to:

  • Present a novel hypothesis, which may or may not be supported by real data
  • Present a contrarian point of view, just for the fun of taking an unpopular position
  • Posit, complain, cajole or provoke, in an effort to force audience reactions that run the gamut from disbelief to reluctant acceptance.

Get Inspiration!

Take a look at a previous Hyde Park session titles for examples of what imaginative and humorous presentations you can expect.

  • What I Could Do with a Month, a Year or Imagine 5 Years Cost of Tafamidis
  • A Modest Proposal: Unlike Jonathan Swift, I Am Not Suggestion You Eat Your Children
  • Things That Frustrate Me, What I Would Like Out Fellows and New Faculty To Solve
  • Gain Frame This: “Opting Out” of Poorly Designed Organ Donation Policies
  • The Heart Failure Hospice Cruise: Welcome Aboard the USS CHF
  • What if the LVAD were a drug?
  • Make Heart Failure Great Again: Starring Lasix as President Donald J Trump
  • TRUTH – an LVAD Survival Score
  • Why are we getting our backsides kicked by oncology?  Five Steps to “Making Heart Failure Great Again”
  • Diuretics: A Devil's Bargain in Acute Heart Failure?
  • Make Education Great Again (#MEGA)
  • Enter More Data to Save Patient Lives
  • Heart Failure Clinicians Should Stop Looking at Pacing as a “Blackbox” and Learn it Intricacies Instead