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HFSA President 2020-2021 Nancy M. Albert, PhD, CCNS, FHFSA

Happy New Year to all! May this year bring us new opportunities to do what we love, good health, new achievements and inspirations that promote growth and development in our many roles –professional, volunteer, family, student and all others. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared 2021 the International Year of Health and Care Workers. The designation is a great reminder that we need to ensure our providers are trained to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, and for the Heart Failure Society of America, the designation matches our strategic initiatives surrounding strengthening the knowledge of our members – in the relationships surrounding COVID-19 presentation, pathophysiology, treatment and prevention in patients with heart failure and also, understanding mutations (for example, the British variant B.1.1.7) that have emerged. The designation by the WHO is also a reflection of gratitude and appreciation towards our healthcare workers who show their dedication in caregiving by their presence and tireless efforts. 

In addition, the United Nations declared 2021 the International Year of Peace and Trust. This designation could not be more appropriate as we mobilize our efforts to promote cooperation, and to build sustainable peace and harmony after a year of turmoil, conflicts and non-normalcy. In addition to raising attention to the need for diversity, inclusion and equity related to both opportunities for healthcare professionals and the patients we serve, in 2021, we will need to continue our journey of building the confidence and trust of our patients regarding COVID vaccination, at minimum. 

In thinking about 2021 as the International Year of the Health and Care Workers and also, the International Year of Peace and Trust, I hope that you, our members, will use our HFSA 365 Community when it comes available later in the year, to network with members, receive resources, seek support and gain knowledge, especially as we navigate new knowledge associated with COVID-19.

Also, the 2021 designations reminds me that National Heart Failure Awareness Week is about one month away – February 14-20, 2021!

Please take advantage of resources developed by HFSA staff.

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  • There is a new webpage titled “10 Ways to Get Involved” that outlines all the ways you can promote heart failure awareness and share knowledge 
  • An Innovations Countdown will feature highlights of the greatest innovations in heart failure that your patients need to know about
  • A Live Twitter Chat will bring together HF-focused organizations on Twitter for a lively discussion on heart failure
  • A PostSpeaker promotional campaign will allow you to sign up to automatically share news about the week to your social media feeds 
  • New episodes of the Heart Failure Best Healthy Living patient podcast will be published
  • A turnkey kit can help you plan a virtual event! We hope you will take advantage of resources to create a program within your institution. The turnkey kit helps you/your team plan events and this year, it has been updated for virtual meetings. In the toolkit, HFSA staff also offer a way for institutions to share their events with us at HFSA so we can help you promote it! 

Most people have been ready for 2020 to be over well before the year’s end; whether to erase the hardships incurred, set aside the exhaustion and stress that began back in March or to bring about an important start to a reduction in the loss of life. 2021 is here! Let’s all look forward to a better year – one of mastering challenges and welcoming positive change.  

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Nancy M. Albert, PhD, CCNS, FHFSA
HFSA President 2020-2021