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Heart Failure Beat Healthy Living: Healthy Living with Heart Failure

Healthy Living with Heart Failure

Living a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, isn’t always easy. When you add a heart failure diagnosis into the mix, it gets even more difficult. Is it possible to manage your diet, exercise, medication regimen, costs, and mental health? Tune in as Lucy West passes the torch on to Brittany in her last episode, where they are joined by Elise Jones, Yoga Therapist and fellow patient living with heart failure. Hear all about their perspective on trying to live a healthy life with heart failure. Featuring: Host Lucy West, PharmD (Tufts Medical Center), New Host Brittany Clayborne, Psy.D (HFSA Patient Committee Chair), Elise Jones (Utah Yoga and Wellness).

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HostLucianne (Lucy) West, PharmD, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at Tufts Medical Center

NEW Host: Brittany Clayborne, Psy.D, Patient Advocate and HFSA Patient Committee Chair


Elise Jones, Patient Advocate and founder of Utah Yoga & Wellness