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Heart Failure Beat: Health Living - Natural Supplements and Heart Failure Drug Education

Natural Supplements and Heart Failure Drug Education

On this episode, we’ll learn about common heart failure medications, such as beta blockers and diuretics, how they work, guidance on how to take them, and important side effects. We’ll also hear about natural and supplemental products that are often used by heart failure patients, including CBD oil and how it may interact with prescribed medications.

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  • Kathleen D. Faulkenberg, PharmD, BCPS, Heart Failure and Heart Transplant Clinical Pharmacist at the Cleveland Clinic @kdfaulkenberg

  • Barry E. Bleske, PharmD, FCCP, Chair and Professor at the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences at the University of New Mexico, College of Pharmacy

For more information on natural products, uses, potential adverse effects, and drug interactions, visit:

HFSA does not endorse any of the following medications or treatments discussed in these episodes: Entresto, Diovan, Zestril/Prinivil, Aldactone, Inspra, Metoprolol – Toprol XL, Carvedilol – Coreg, Furosemide – Lasix, Bumetanide – Bumex, Torsemide – Demadex, Metolazone – Zaroxlyn