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Heart Failure Awareness Week 2020

February 9-15, 2020 is Heart Failure Awareness Week!  While HFSA will continue awareness activities throughout the whole year, HFSA asks the public and related organizations to take action by supporting the society’s efforts to promote heart failure awareness, patient education, and heart failure prevention during #HFWeek2020.


“Do Your Part, Know Your Heart” Campaign

The Do Your Part, Know Your Heart campaign is heart failure awareness initiative that encourages individuals to take an active role in maintaining their heart health. The campaign aims to promote self-health awareness by encouraging regular checkups, educating about the signs and symptoms of heart failure, providing information on diet and exercise, and stressing the importance of regular screenings. Do Your Part, Know Your Heart seeks to make living with heart failure less of a challenge, and arms patients with the information and resources they need to take control of their heart health.


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#HFWeek2020 Highlights and Ways to Get Involved. 

Participate in Daily Twitter Takeovers

Follow @HFSA on Twitter for a series of heart failure awareness tweets over the course of the entire week. Make sure to follow the 2020 Heart Failure Awareness Week's official hashtag #HFWeek2020.

Engage in conversation by retweeting and commenting on tweets during the daily Twitter Takeovers, occurring Monday, Feb. 9 – Friday, Feb. 14 between 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM EST. 

Download a Materials Toolkit

Share #HF informational materials using sample posts (coming soon!).

Twitter Chat - #HFChat2020

Wednesday, February 12: 12:00 PM EST | Twitter | Follow hashtag #HFChat2020

Join HFSA, American Association of Heart Failure Nurses @AAHFN; Canadian Heart Failure Society @CanHFSociety;  Heart Brothers Foundation @HeartBrothers1; WomenHeart @WomenHeartOrg; and other HF focused organizations on Twitter for a lively discussion on heart failure. The purpose of the chat is to provide healthcare providers and heart failure patients with an overview on the status of heart failure and to discuss ways to improve quality of care and expand heart failure awareness.

View of transcript of the chat

Become a Promoter!

Sunday, February 9: HFSA #HFWeek2020 PostSpeaker Campaign kicks off!

Spread awareness to heart failure patients and their families about the Heart Failure Society of America’s tools and educational resources. Become a promoter of Heart Failure Awareness Week at PostSpeaker, and automatically share our content on your social media. With your help we can reach more people!

How to become a promoter:

  • Click on this link:
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  • Link your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Review scheduled posts (customize if needed) and approve for future publishing

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TIP: Make sure to follow the 2020 Heart Failure Awareness Week's official hashtag #HFWeek2020.

Tune Into the New Heart Failure Beat Podcast Patient Series

Launching during Heart Failure Awareness Week, the Heart Failure Beat: Patient Series is aimed at providing patients, caregivers, and those with an interest in improving the lives of those with heart failure. Qualified clinicians will share insights into new treatments and breakthroughs in the field of heart failure.

Learn more about the Podcast

Tune Into a Patient Education Webinar: Physical Activity and Diet in Heart Failure

HFSA has partnered with NeedyMeds to produce an informative webinar scheduled for Thursday, February 13, 2020, at 1:00 PM EST. The webinar will provide an in-depth discussion on the importance of exercise and diet in the well-being of heart failure patients.  Topics to be covered include an overview of heart failure and the body, the benefits of exercise and a balanced diet, understanding sodium intake, safety for the heart failure patient and the importance of cardiac rehab. 

View this and other Patient Webinars

Plan a Heart Failure Awareness Event

The Heart Failure Society of America has produced a turnkey kit and supplemental materials to assist professionals in planning events related to heart failure either during National Heart Failure Awareness Week or at other times during the year.

Download the Turnkey Kit

View Non-HFSA Heart Failure Awareness Week Events and Activities

Non-HFSA Heart Failure Awareness Week Events and Activities

If you or your organization are hosting a Heart Failure Awareness activity during #HFWeek2020, share with HFSA by emailing LPoko@hfsa.org to get yours added to the list! 

View the list of Non-HFSA Heart Failure Awareness Week Activities

Utilize the turnkey kit and supplemental materials to assist in planning events related to heart failure:

Download the Turnkey Kit

Explore and Share These Patient Resources

All HFSA patient resources are located on the website.

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