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2018 | HFSA

Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology (AHFTC) Fellowship to Move to ERAS and NRMP Application with Synchronized Match System

Practice News Certification

[Note: New process and timeline are the same as for General Cardiology match]

The selection process for fellows commencing AHFTC training in July 2019 has been completed.

For AHFTC training beginning in July 2020

  • ERAS will be used as the standardized Application for all programs
  • Applicant Selection will utilize the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP)

Timeline for Fellows Commencing AHFTC training in July 2020

  • June 2019: AHFTC Programs post positions & applicants can register
  • July 2019: AHFTC applicants apply to fellowship programs
  • July 2019: AHFTC programs start receiving applications
  • July - October 2019: Applicant screening and Interviews
  • November 2019: Match list submitted by applicants and programs
  • Early December 2019: Match Day

Other Stipulations

  • "All-in Policy”: Programs must place all their funded, ACGME-accredited positions in the match to participate
  • Across all programs, 75% of funded ACGME-approved positions must be placed in the match
  • Exact Match Day for AHFTC will be the same as for other specialties (not yet known)
  • Programs can tell an applicant that they are being “ranked to match”, but cannot ask applicants about their ranking plans/intentions (doing so is a reportable violation)
  • Cost to individual Programs: $120 for each matched applicant,
  • Cost to applicants: $80 for up to 100 programs

Planned HFSA Endorsement of AHFTC Fellowship Programs

  • Endorsement required to be on HFSA AHFTC website with link to program
  • Must be participating in ERAS and NRMP, “all-in”
  • No NRMP Match violations
  • Positions accredited by ACGME and approved by institutional GME office

For more information and updates, visit the HFSA ERAS for AHFTC webpage.