Twitter Chat Recap: What can a caregiver do to be prepared to help a patient through their appointments or a hospital admission?



Question 5: What can a caregiver (family member, friend, etc.) do to be prepared to help a patient through their appointments or a hospital admission?


Heart Failure Society of America @HFSA

  • A person in a support role can help by collecting info, such as the patient’s current medications and daily weight, on behalf of their loved one if they are not feeling well during their appt. or hospital stay. They can then share that info with the healthcare provider. #HFChat2022
  • A caregiver can also record important details on the patient’s treatment plan as it is shared by the provider during the visit or hospital stay. This can include maximum allowable fluid or sodium intake per day, current ejection fraction and blood pressure. #HFChat2022
  • This support allows a patient to read through the notes at their own pace and follow-up with clarifying questions if needed. It also helps the caregiver act as an advocate for the patient at a vulnerable time when they are feeling unwell. #HFChat2022

American Association of Heart Failure Nurses @AAHFN

  • A caregiver or support person should make sure they understand the disease process themselves so they can provide necessary support and advocate for the patient. Being a caregiver can be a demanding role. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022

American College of Cardiology @ACCinTouch

  • Be an advocate! Be proactive on follow-up hospital visits, discharge plans, details about the condition, medication needs & symptoms to look out for. We also have a #CardioSmart fact sheet w/ tips for caregivers #HFChat2022

The Heart Brothers Foundation @HeartBrothers1

  • Make sure you as the patient and your caregiver/loved one (if they're in attendance) both stay calm & present the full list of questions to the clinician(s). Don't leave until all questions are answered. #heartfailureawareness #americanheartmonth #HFWeek2022 #HFChat2022
  • Caregivers can help tremendously by arranging for transportation, collecting personal items for hospital stays, gathering data about medications/diet/lifestyle/vitals, & managing the patient's affairs while they're in the hospital. #HFChat2022 #livingwithheartfailure

International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation @ISHLT

  • Caregiver insights on current well-being, quality of life, and symptoms are very valuable. Caregivers are important notetakers, too: write notes and keep records ahead of time to make sure appointments are productive. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022

Mended Hearts @MendedHearts

  • Talk to the patient about their appt and help them prepare their questions. Offer your perspective to the patient in advance. #HFChat2022
  • Empower the patient to be their own voice and give them to power to speak for themselves but be a part of the team when needed. #HFChat2022

Women Heart @WomenHeartOrg

  • It helps to understand what heart failure is and how patients may be experiencing the condition, both physically and emotionally. Check out these resources on women and heart failure. #HFChat2022