Twitter Chat Recap: Is it safe for patients with heart failure to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot?



Question 8: Is it safe for patients with heart failure to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or booster shot?


Heart Failure Society of America @HFSA

  • Patients living w/ various heart conditions (including HF) are more likely to get severely ill from COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are safe, effective, and are widely accessible to patients across the US. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022
  • Long-term health problems and serious side effects following vaccination, including COVID-19 vaccination, are extremely rare. Therefore, the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine and booster shoot outweigh the known potential risks. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022
  • Each patient should have a conversation with their healthcare team prior to vaccination. This will ensure there are no other medical considerations that would otherwise prevent them from receiving a COVID-19 vaccination/booster. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022
  • For more detailed vaccine information, please consider viewing the COVID-19 vaccination section on the CDC website. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022

American Association of Heart Failure Nurses @AAHFN

  • YES! Patients with heart failure are vulnerable to contracting COVID-19 and the best way to prevent serious illness and hospitalization is to get vaccinated and boosted. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022

American College of Cardiology @ACCinTouch

  • Research says patients with #heartfailure are 100 % safe to receive a #COVID19 vaccination. Experts indicate heart failure patients are not more likely to receive additional side effects after receiving the booster shot. #HFChat2022

The Heart Brothers Foundation @HeartBrothers1

  • …Short answer: YES. …Long answer: All of our #TeamHeartbrothers volunteers are fully vaccinated & boosted & about to get their 2nd boosters. Thankfully, we've mostly had only minor side effects. And, after testing, our antibodies are high. #vaccinessavelives #HFChat2022

International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation @ISHLT

  • Generally, YES. Risks associated with 💉are much smaller than those of #COVID19 infection. If patients have concern, or in cases of very advanced #HF, discuss with your care provider first to ensure your heart is strong enough for minor side effects like fever. #HFChat2022
  • In addition, the #ISHLT has worked in collaboration with @AST_info and @ASTSChimera to create a joint statement about #COVID19 vaccination specifically in organ transplant candidates and recipients. #HFChat2022

Mended Hearts @MendedHearts

  • Always talk with your doctor, but the COVID vaccine is safe and effective in protecting you from severe illness #HFChat2022

Women Heart @WomenHeartOrg

  • This is a great webinar with cardiologist @kewatson on what women with heart disease need to know about the COVID-19 vaccine.