Twitter Chat Recap: How can healthcare providers encourage a trusting environment?




Question 6: How can healthcare providers encourage a trusting environment?


Heart Failure Society of America @HFSA

  • Healthcare providers can use empathy and active listening skills during each encounter w/ patients and their caregivers. Shared decision-making is an important aspect of HF care. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022
  • Medical providers will use a multidisciplinary approach, w/ physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, nurses, dieticians, and social workers to adjust treatment regimens to best suit each patient’s needs. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022
  • By collaborating with all these members of the team, each patient will receive timely, accessible, and expertly focused care, further strengthening trust amongst each patient and their healthcare team. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022

American Association of Heart Failure Nurses @AAHFN

  • Healthcare providers should take the time to sit down during the appointment. Be eye-to-eye with the patient. Listen and address the concerns and fears. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022

The Heart Brothers Foundation @HeartBrothers1

  • Truth begets trust. Providers should always be 100% honest with #heartfailurepatients & caregivers, even if an outlook is bleak. Explaining the treatment plan--including the "why"--in full helps alleviate miscommunication. #americanheartmonth #HFWeek2022 #HFChat2022
  • Being there for the patient 24/7. Making themselves available by sharing off-hrs personal contact info. Listening/answering questions fully. Following up with a call after a visit. Being aware and up-to-date on the patient's condition before the appointment. #HFChat2022

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association @4hcm

  • Trust is earned. Healthcare providers with limited HCM experience should encourage evaluation and co-management with high volume HCMA Recognized Centers of Excellence programs. Patients should feel comfortable working with a caring HCM TEAM. #HFchat2022

International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation @ISHLT

  • Absolute honesty is key—patients must trust that they are getting the whole truth. Clinicians should also integrate the patient's goals, viewpoints, concerns, & needs when sharing news that a patient might not hope for. #HFChat2022
  • It's also important to include the patient in the process of making decisions about their care, whenever possible. Making decisions jointly, as a team, typically leads to better outcomes. #HFChat2022

Mended Hearts @MendedHearts

  • Talk to the patient as an equal part of the team and provide all the information for a true shared decision. Use patient friendly language. #HFChat2022
  • Encourage patients to ask questions and offer them peer support as a standard of care. #HFChat2022

Women Heart @WomenHeartOrg

  • Providers should look patients in the eye, take patients’ concerns seriously and take the time to ensure that patients understand what they’re being told. #HFChat2022
  • Providers can pay attention to patients’ emotional needs and, if warranted, refer them to resources and services like those offered by @WomenHeartOrg, including peer-led support groups and one-on-one support. #HFChat2022