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Twitter Chat Recap: Heart Success: Function Not Failure. What Does This Mean?



Our #HFWeek2022 theme is Heart Success: Function Not Failure. What does this mean?


Heart Failure Society of America @HFSA

  • The term ‘heart failure’ might imply that the heart is no longer working and that the heart can no longer have any degree of recovery. This is not necessarily true. #HFChat2022
  • There are many therapies, incl. medications and medical devices, which can be used to help support the heart and potentially improve its function. To learn more about these potential therapies, visit the HFSA patient hub. #HFChat2022

American Association of Heart Failure Nurses @AAHFN

  • Function not Failure means educating the patient/family about the disease process and giving them the tools to ensure they have a high quality life despite a HF diagnosis. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022

The Heart Brothers Foundation @HeartBrothers1

  • As #HFpatients, #FunctionNotFailure means we do everything our clinician team tells us: Low-sodium diet, meds as directed, exercise as much as is tolerable, weigh ourselves, take BP, keep stress low. Doing so gave our Co-Founder 18 yrs before needing an LVAD! #HFchat2022
  • "Heart Success: Function Not Failure" also means to us (as #hearttransplantsurvivors) that the greater HF community needs to do all we can to show #HFpatients everything they can do to treat their own #heartfailure based on the functioning of their own heart. #HFchat2022

International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation @ISHLT

  • Thanks to recent developments and improved management, the goal for clinicians has moved from helping patients to cope with #HF to preserving or re-achieving good heart function and quality of life. #HFChat2022
  • "Function not Failure" is a great phrase that allows both patients and clinicians to imagine a future with improved heart function and a better overall quality of life. #HFChat2022

Mended Hearts @MendedHearts

  • Function not failure to a patient looks like: how well they can complete daily activities, how they feel, and how well their heart is functioning #HFChat2022 
  • Focusing on the function of the heart and not that the heart is failing is important for long term goals. Mindset is everything! #HFChat2022

Women Heart @WomenHeartOrg

  • The word failure is scary and can seem like a lot to overcome. The goal is for patients to learn to manage their diagnosis and to do what they can to strive for heart health. We want to empower patients so they can thrive, not focus on “failure.” #HFChat2022 
  • Patients should not think failure is their destiny. Read Maureen’s story of being diagnosed with heart failure and how a strong support system helps her manage. #HFChat2022
  • Many patients have learned to navigate the condition and are striving for #heartsuccess. Learn from them in these short videos as they answer commonly asked questions about living with heart failure. #HFChat2022