Twitter Chat Recap: Ejection fraction, blood pressure, heart rate goal, weight monitoring. Why do numbers like this matter?



Question 2: There are many numbers associated with an HF diagnosis: ejection fraction, blood pressure, heart rate goal, weight monitoring. Why do numbers like this matter?


Heart Failure Society of America @HFSA

  • These numbers help the clinical team design an individualized medication regimen for each patient. Patients w/ #HF have different numbers that reflect the individual nature of the condition. The treatment plan must be right for your unique case. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022
  • Knowledge of these numbers also helps the patient, family members, and caregivers work together to safely adjust HF meds. It can even help patients understand how dietary changes affect their symptoms and when they need to be seen by a provider. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022

American Association of Heart Failure Nurses @AAHFN

  • These numbers matter because they give us a snapshot view of how the body and heart is handling the therapies that have been prescribed. Providing the patient with goals for these values gives them accountability to their care. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022

American College of Cardiology @ACCinTouch

  • These numbers let your CV team know how well your ♥️ works. Ejection fraction estimates how much blood your ♥️ can squeeze out to your body w/ each heartbeat & blood pressure is the force of your blood moving against the walls of your arteries #HFChat2022

The Heart Brothers Foundation @HeartBrothers1

  • The many numbers presented to a #heartfailurepatient are all unique to that patient. Tied together, they become the key to effective care. The care team needs to see the total picture in order to individualize the patient's treatment. #hearttransplantsurvivor #HFChat2022
  • These numbers also matter because they present a complete picture of the heart's performance over time. By monitoring and trending the data, doctors can better assess patient improvement vs decline and pivot treatment accordingly. #heartfailureawareness #HFChat2022

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association @4hcm

  • Knowing your numbers for HCM pts also means knowing wall measurements, pressure gradients and your EF - blunted or dropping EFs in HCM require close follow up from HCM specialist. #HFChat2022

International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation @ISHLT

  • Numbers and target ranges can seem overwhelming, but allow your entire care team to capture and record a situation objectively, and then to quantify changes and improvements over time. They are just one part of the story of your health. #HFChat2022 #HFWeek2022

Mended Hearts @MendedHearts

  • Numbers matters because they can tell you and your HCP how well your heart is functioning. Knowing your numbers can empower you with the tools you need for success. #HFChat2022
  • Knowing what your numbers are can help you notice small changes before they become big problems. Learn more here: #HFChat2022