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Simultaneous Publications

JCF supports and promotes simultaneous publications at the time of scientific session presentations for all cardiovascular meetings throughout the year.

This approach provides authors with peer-review feedback in advance of presentation to the research community, which could enhance the primary presentation itself. It also supports broader dissemination of the content in a timely manner. Opportunities for concomitant editorial commentary may also further contextualize study results for relevant stakeholders including patients.

While simultaneous publication of high-quality content cannot be guaranteed due to the timelines of the review process, we are committed to expedited reviews and efficient decision times.

Requisite confidentiality and embargo requirements will be rigorously maintained. 

When submitting your research for possible simultaneous publication with JCF, please include all the details of the targeted meeting (name of the meeting, day and time of presentation for possible simultaneous presentation) in your cover letter.

2023 Deadlines to submit for Simultaneous Publications at Cardiology Meetings:

Heart Failure Society of America: Via Court of Appeals only until September 15, 2023
American Heart Association: September 25, 2023

New to Court of Appeals? Read more about it here.


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