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Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial Validates Daxor BVA-100® Diagnostic for Heart Failure Patients

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Oak Ridge, TN – March 23, 2023 — Daxor Corporation (NYSE: DXR), the global leader in blood volume measurement technology, today announces new pilot randomized control trial (RCT) data from Duke Heart validating the greater accuracy of the Company’s BVA-100 diagnostic in optimizing decongestion therapy for heart failure patients and pointed to a strong signal toward reducing hospital length of stay in a pilot cohort of 31 patients.  Data were presented as a moderated featured abstract at the Technology Heart Failure Therapeutics Conference, which focuses on device and technology-based treatments in heart failure, held March 20-22, 2023 in Boston, Mass.  

Blood volume analysis (BVA) was used in hospitalized heart failure patients to study the effects of BVA-guided care on decongestion therapy and outcomes versus standard of care.  In both study arms, patients had BVA testing within a day of admission and one day prior to discharge, along with physician assessment for congestion. Study results showed little to no correlation between physician assessment of congestion on admission compared to BVA results, and those that received BVA-guided treatment had a strong trend toward lower total hospital length of stay (2.7 fewer days, P<0.09).  “Until we measure blood volume, we really don’t know if patients have a normal blood volume or not.  BVA testing done early during hospitalization is feasible and helps clinicians get to the right treatment decision earlier,” said Marat Fudim, M.D., principal investigator and presenter.