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2020 | HFSA

Patient-Focused Webinar Offers Advice on When Patients Should Seek Help for Advanced Heart Failure

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This month, HFSA is sharing information on how patients can advocate for their own health by eating well - even in unforeseen circumstances, listening to your own body and seeking care when you think something is wrong and how you can have successful virtual visits with your doctor (podcast episode coming soon!). 

Another important way that patients living with heart failure can better advocate for their own health is by learning when it's right to seek help for advanced heart failure. In a previously-recorded webinar, Mark Drazner, MD, MSc, Clinical Chief of Cardiology and Medical Director, VAD/Heart Transplant at UT Southwestern Medical Center, shared warning signs of advanced heart failure that every patient should know. The webinar recording is available free of charge in the HFSA Learning Center via the link below. 

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