Kristin Flanary, MA Headshot

Kristin Flanary, MA

Marketing and Communications, University-based Center for Academically Advanced students

Kristin Flanary, MA was formally trained in cognitive neuroscience and social psychology and now works in marketing and communications at a university-based center for academically advanced students. She and her ophthalmologist husband, Dr. Will Flanary, met in college at Texas Tech University before both earning advanced degrees at Dartmouth College. Kristin has experienced an intimate and varied view of the healthcare system. She has been a patient, “married to medicine” through the entire medical training journey and beyond, a lay responder and CPR provider to her husband, and a caregiver and “co-survivor” of his two cancer occurrences and a sudden cardiac arrest. Through her social media presence, impactful writing, and unforgettable keynote speaking, she teaches healthcare workers about the patient and family experience.