2021 | HFSA

Journal of Cardiac Failure Call for Papers on the “Nexus of Heart Failure and Critical Care Cardiology”

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The Journal of Cardiac Failure is pleased to announce a Call for Papers for a Focus Issue on the Nexus of Heart Failure and Critical Care Cardiology for publication in an issue during the autumn of 2021. This issue will be guest edited by Drs. Erin Bohula, Jason Katz, and Shashank Sinha.

Submissions are due via the JCF portal on or before June 1, 2021 at 11:59 PM EDT. Please note in your cover letter that the submission is for this focus issue.

We invite submission of original research manuscripts, state-of-the-art reviews, brief reports, research letters, and perspective pieces that address any aspect of heart failure and critical care cardiology, including but not limited to:

  • Examining the role of the critical care cardiologist and the multidisciplinary cardiac intensive care unit team in the heart failure management of critically ill patients
  • Determining the organizational structure, staffing, and training models for heart failure care delivery in the contemporary cardiac intensive care unit
  • Exploring the evaluation, management, and long-term follow-up of heart failure related cardiogenic shock, mixed shock and/or cardiac arrest
  • Delineating advantages and disadvantages of heart-failure specific intensive care units as compared to cardiac intensive care units
  • Elucidating the economics of heart failure and critical care in the cardiac intensive care unit
  • Defining metrics and value-based outcomes in the care of critically ill heart failure patients
  • Providing rationale/design and/or completed reports of pilot or pivotal trials to inform the future management of heart failure patients in the cardiac intensive care unit 

We will consider select manuscripts for simultaneous publication at ESC or HFSA 2021 annual scientific meetings.

Consistent with our core values at JCF, we welcome multidisciplinary collaborations with diverse stakeholders (including pharmacists, nurses, advanced practice providers among others) and encourage inclusion of the trainee and patient/caregiver perspective. Please see our Instructions for Authors for details, which have been recently revised and updated. 

JCF aims to feature, promote, and highlight the work of women, underrepresented minorities, cardiovascular team members and early career professionals.  Please see our published Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement for further details. Please feel free to contact Meredith Hurt, Director Journal Publishing, at mhurt@hfsa.org  with any questions or concerns.