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JACC-HF Reports Successful Heart Failure Trial With Daxor BVA-100®

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Oak Ridge, TN – August 10, 2023 — Daxor Corporation (NYSE: DXR), the global leader in blood volume measurement technology, today announces a research letter in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology – Heart Failure reporting on the successful results of a pilot 31 patient randomized control trial (RCT) conducted by the Duke Clinical Research Institute utilizing Daxor’s BVA-100 diagnostic to measure clinician assessment accuracy and the impact of optimizing decongestion therapy for heart failure patients with the diagnostic. 

The study results showed that all patients had marked volume derangements, but that in over 68% of the cases care teams did not correctly diagnose the volume state of the patient by clinical exam when compared to BVA. Marat Fudim, M.D., principal investigator concluded, “Physician judgment of congestion status is not an accurate representation of actual blood volume. Our findings support the feasibility of randomized trials of BVA-guided heart failure therapy and our encouraging findings support a future, large, multicenter RCT to further investigate the effect of BVA measurement clinical outcomes.”

The study showed that utilizing the BVA-100 early in patient admission in the setting of a heart failure RCT was practical, but that optimization of the process would be part of a larger study trial design. Other measured outcomes such as patients in the control group being treated more effectively to an optimal volume, and being discharged after shorter lengths of stay were noted by researchers, but the findings did not reach statistical significance due to the small sample size of the study population.