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Inclusive Language

We request that manuscript submissions use sensitive and respectful language. Brief examples are listed below. However, authors should go to APA Bias-Free Language guidelines for a full view of preferred language. In general, ask how someone prefers to be identified.


Instead of: JCF encourages using:
The elderly; elderly people Older people; persons 65 years and older, older adulthood
Afro-American people; Oriental; Indians; Hispanics/Latinos; White or non-White; minorities Black; Asian—for people from Asia; Asian American—for people of Asian descent in North America or be more specific by providing nation and region of origin (Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.); Hispanic and Latinx (or Latino, etc.) have different meanings; use a precise nationality if possible. Use parallel terms, especially in table labels. Non-White implies a standard of comparison and is imprecise
Him, her, she, he; Man; Gendered; Transgender(s) as a noun, transgendered; Mankind Person, individual; Gender; They; Transgender person; People, human beings, humanity, first-in-human
Inner city; Disinvested; Disadvantaged; Distressed neighborhoods; Working poor; Homeless people Under-resourced; Low-opportunity; Neighborhoods with high poverty rates; Neighborhoods with access to fewer opportunities; individuals who are unhoused
Sufferer; Suffering from; Heart Failure Patient Survivor; Living with, being treated for; Person with heart failure


Subgroup Analyses

We also ask authors to consider that pre-specifying subgroup analyses of study endpoints are clear across diverse patients. While we recognize that not all submissions will have adequate means for these analyses, their inclusion supports progress on prioritizing diversity. We prioritize clinical research and patient perspective across the age spectrum from pediatric through geriatrics.

Patient Perspective

We emphasize the importance of incorporating the patient voice and perspective into manuscripts. 

Diversity Statement

Please review the JCF Diversity Statement prior to submission. This will be considered within the overall review of every manuscript. 


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