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HFSA President's Update: February 2024

HFSA News President's Updates
James Fang
HFSA President 2023-2024
James C. Fang, MD, FHFSA

It’s February and that means it’s time for Heart Failure Awareness Week, an annual campaign that puts a spotlight on important topics in heart failure risk factors, treatment and care.



The theme of this year’s week is Heartbeat of Research giving us an inside look at the many aspects of heart failure research and its outcomes. Research has brought us so many advancements in patient treatment, from implantable devices to new pharmaceuticals and other therapies. More patients need to be aware of these research outcomes as well as opportunities to participate in studies that advance the field and may offer them tremendous benefits. That’s what we hope to accomplish this February.

Heart Failure Awareness Week 2024 Activities

Patient Takeover on Instagram

Valentine’s Day is also National Donor Day. On this important day, HFSA will have a Patient Takeover on Instagram. This year, the account will be taken over by the Siqueiros Family, a family of five whose lives have been changed by heart failure and transplantation. All three children were diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy and needed heart transplants under the age of four. You can read more about them here and follow them on Instagram. I highly encourage you all to tune in. 

Heart Failure Data via HF StatsSM and HFSA Committee Members

We’ll be sharing important statistics from HFSA's HF StatsSM which was released in late 2023. With the help of members of the Patient, Research, and Marketing and Communications Committees, we will investigate how the stats may impact patients and their individual treatment plans. The more patients know about the prevalence, risk factors, and outcomes associated with heart failure, the more they can play an active role in managing it. 

Patient Perspectives and #MyHFStory2024

Throughout the week, HFSA will encourage followers to share their experience on social media using #MyHFStory2024. Those who share a story and use the hashtag will be reposted by HFSA and make an appearance in a highlight on HFSA’s Instagram page. Professionals may even choose to share stories from their careers using #MyHFStory2024 on their preferred social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Twitter. All are welcome to participate.

We will also hear from patients in a series of videos highlighting the different individual experiences patients with heart failure may have regarding symptoms, therapies, and more. 

Vote for the Most Influential Clinical Trials and Outcomes  

On HFSA’s provider-focused social media channel, we’ll be encouraging professionals to share their thoughts around the most influential trials and/or outcomes. We’re looking for your insights on the advancements that most significantly changed the course of heart failure patient care over the past 25 years. To get us started, take a moment to submit the trials or outcomes you deem most influential here

New Episode of the Heart Failure Beat Healthy Living

HFSA will release one new episode of its patient-focused podcast the Heart Failure Beat Healthy Living. This episode will be a continuation of an episode from Heart Failure Awareness Week 2021 Why Clinical Trials Matter to Heart Failure Patient Care and Outcomes and will once again explore the topic of clinical trials and patient experiences. 

New Beverage Section of the Heart Healthy Recipe Guide 

The Heart Healthy Recipe Guide released last year will receive a new beverage section, featuring heart healthy drinks. The entire guide was created with patients in mind, with support from the HFSA Patient and Marketing and Communications committee members. 

Highlighting the Heart Failure Research Foundation

Donations to the Heart Failure Research Foundation will find and fund new researchers and cutting-edge research through emerging leader and transformative research grants. HFSA will share details on the Foundation throughout Heart Failure Awareness Week. If you’re interested in donating or want to learn more, go here.

How Can You Get Involved? 

While Heart Failure Awareness Week is primarily focused on patients and caregivers, professionals can engage: 

  1. Submit the trials or advancements you deem most influential here and watch Twitter/X and LinkedIn to vote!
  2. Encourage your patients to follow HFSA’s patient social media channels:
  3. Encourage your patients to sign up for the Heart Failure Awareness 365 eNewsletter 
  4. Consider sharing stories from your career, your experiences with clinical trials, or other personal experiences using #MyHFStory2024
  5. Follow HFSA’s provider-focused social media channels: 
  6. Follow #HFWeek2024 and visit hfsa.org/hfweek2024 to learn more 

Stay engaged with our Heart Failure Awareness Week activities throughout the week February 11-17 and help to raise the awareness about heart failure research with patients and the public. Thank you!

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James C. Fang, MD, FHFSA
HFSA President 2023-2024