HFSA Endorsed Course Add-On eBlast Policy

Endorsed Course program organizers may purchase an add-on eblast to be sent to all HFSA professional members to aid in the marketing and promotion of the endorsed program. These eblasts are sent by HFSA staff through their existing email marketing platform and must adhere to the following guidelines.  


The cost of an add-on eblast is $2,250 to for-profit corporations and $1,000 to non-profit corporations.

Restrictions and Guidelines

HFSA requires pre-approval of all items to be mailed and is the sole judge of the suitability of materials for mailing to membership. HFSA reserves the right to deny requests where the purpose or use may not be considered in the best interests of HFSA or the intended recipients.

  • All add-on requests must be submitted in writing and include an explanation of information being communicated and a sample of material to be sent. 
  • All requests and sample artwork will be approved by HFSA leadership.
  • Add-on requests must be received no less than 10 business days prior to date of use and eblast must be sent within 30 days of approval of the add-on request.
  • Add-on eblasts for the promotion of educational events and programs taking place within 30 days before or after the HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting will not be approved.
  • Add-on emails will not be sent by HFSA within the following black-out periods: 
    • 30 days prior to – and 15 days following the conclusion of - the HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting
    • Seven (7) days prior to – and seven (7) days following the conclusion of – the HFSA Board Certification Review
    • Three (3) days prior to an HFSA Heart Failure Seminar, webinar, or other live meeting or event not stated above; or other major product launch.
  • Distribution date for add-on eblasts is at the discretion of HFSA staff. Requested distribution dates will be accommodated where possible. 
  • Information being sent to the membership cannot conflict with the HFSA's mission and should be aligned with the HFSA's academic leadership goals and objectives.

Purchase of an add-on eblast is for one-time only and is limited exclusively to the specific Endorsed Course as described in the mailing sample submitted in conjunction with the order form.

The use of the Endorsed Course add-on eblast in any of the ways prohibited above shall be cause for, at a minimum, permanent disqualification of the buyer(s) and/or his client(s) or agent(s) from use of the HFSA membership eblasts. Violation of this policy as set forth above may also be grounds for legal action.


eBlast Submission and Artwork Guidelines 

  • All add-on eblasts must include the following statement, placed prominently and legibly:

You are receiving this email because this activity has been officially endorsed by the Heart Failure Society of America. The opinions presented in this educational activity do not necessarily reflect the opinions or recommendations of the HFSA. Your email address has not been shared.

  • Upon approval of your request, please submit a fully coded HTML email file. 
  • HFSA staff will provide draft of add-on eblast for review.