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Currently, there is limited data and statistical analysis on heart failure in the United States. This is a major barrier to recognizing the depth and breadth of heart failure and its impact on the health system in the US. The HF Stats Initiative, developed by HFSA, will fill this gap by providing essential heart failure data to clinicians, researchers, policymakers, and patients living with HF. 

The HF Stats Initiative will include:  

An annual report.  Each year, HFSA will publish an annual HF Stats report in the Journal of Cardiac Failure. The report will be focused on a different topic and key statistic each year. The initial publication will be released in September 2023 and is focused on epidemiology and outcomes.  

Coming in late 2023: HF Stats online database and microsite. The HF Stats microsite will provide a platform to easily access the reports, resources, and data curated by the report authors. The searchable database will house data and statistics essential for understanding, managing and preventing heart failure. Use this database to download site key facts and figures in your publications, research, and presentations.


HF Stats: Annual Report

Coming Soon: 2023 Annual Report HF Stats: Heart Failure Epidemiology and Outcomes Statistics A Report of the Heart Failure Society of America

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The HF Stats inaugural report, HF Stats: Heart Failure Epidemiology and Outcomes Statistics A Report of the Heart Failure Society of America, explores trends in the epidemiology and outcomes for HF that have emerged over the past decade, as well as establishes a foundation for clinical care, resource allocation, and research. The knowledge gaps and limitations in HF epidemiologic data that emerge will uncover the work that needs to be done by HFSA to improve upon the stats and decrease the burden of heart failure on the global population.* 

This inaugural report was written by members of the HFSA Data in Heart Failure Committee, along with a writing group of 18 individuals with domain expertise in HF, both the epidemiology of and outcomes in HF. The writing group members focused on contemporary data and recent publications, when available, and validated data sources. The writing group members reviewed and synthesized available published data regarding HF epidemiology, incidence, prevalence, rates of HF and all-cause mortality and hospitalizations, and differences according to sex, race/ethnicity, and age. 

Check back soon for a link to the report!

* The emphasis of the document is epidemiological trends in the United States (US), but when applicable, global trends are also included.  


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