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2021 | HFSA

Heart Failure Awareness 365: Resources for New HF Patients

Patient News Heart Failure Awareness 365

In September 2021, we’re exploring the resources for newly diagnosed heart failure patients for our Heart Failure Awareness 365 patient campaign. Resources you’ll hear more about include: 

The Basics - these sources educate patients on the basics of living with heart failure 

  • HFSA Heart Failure Beat Healthy Living Patient Podcast Archived Episodes: 
    • S02 E05: Managing the Costs of Care for Heart Failure Treatment
    • S02 E04: Emotional Wellness: From Heart Failure Diagnosis to Transplant and Beyond 
    • S01 E10: Why Clinical Trials Matter to Heart Failure Patient Care and Outcomes
    • S01 E09: Equity in Heart Failure Across Racial/Ethnic Groups: The POSSIBLE Dream  
  • HFSA Patient Education Webinars: Available in the Patient Hub of the HFSA Learning Center 
    • Physical Activity and Diet in Heart Failure 
    • Heart Failure: Clinical Trials – A Patient-Centered Tutorial
    • Advanced Heart Failure: When Patients Should Seek Help 
  • Additional Resources: Know where to go to find new resources and sources of information as you continue on your journey towards Function, Not Failure!