2024 | HFSA

Heart Failure Awareness 365: Disparities in Heart Failure

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This month, in addition to our other heart failure resources, we'll be highlighting Disparities in Heart Failure (HF). Take a sneak peek at what's to come! 

Heart Failure Beat Healthy Living Podcast Episode Spotlights
The Heart Failure Beat Healthy Living Podcast highlights the key things patients and caregivers need to know about living with HF. The disparities in HF care continue to be an important topic in improving patient care and outcomes for underrepresented populations. CONQUER-HF: Changing Outcomes Now with Quality and Universal Equity Redesigning Heart Failure Care provides an overview of the importance of equity in treatment and care, while Equity in Heart Failure Care Across Racial/Ethnic Groups: The POSSIBLE Dream discusses how we as a society can make equity in care possible together.

Content from Our Heart Failure Awareness 365 Sponsors
Disparities in HF care are important to recognize in the HF industry as a whole. Bridging the Gap: Advancing Health Equity in Heart Failure (Sponsored content provided by AstraZeneca) acknowledges that despite advances in therapy, HF morbidity and mortality remain high and the health and economic burden of HF disproportionately affects African Americans and continues to grow. Heart Failure and Racial Differences: Understanding the Signs Through Education (Sponsored content provided by Novartis) highlights why education and awareness of HF is so important.