Coming Soon: HFSA Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 September 30th - October 6th 2020.

Corrine Y. Jurgens, RN, FHFSA is an Associate Professor with tenure and the Director of Cardiovascular Research in the School of Nursing at Stony Brook University in New York. Her clinical background in cardiovascular nursing informs her research and teaching. Dr. Jurgens program of research is focused on biobehavioral factors underpinning symptom perception, recognition and response among patients with heart failure. Dr. Jurgens work indicates patients lack a context for determining whether their symptoms are heart-related or associated with less threatening illnesses. She developed and psychometrically tested an instrument, the Heart Failure Somatic Perception Scale (HFSPS) to assess the physical symptoms of heart failure. The dyspnea subscale and the early/subtle symptom subscale both predict clinical event risk. The HFSPS has been translated into Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

Dr. Jurgens also conducted a randomized trial testing an intervention to train patients in monitoring and interpreting their heart failure symptoms. The intervention was based on theory, her prior studies on delay in care-seeking, and her symptom cluster research. Other interests include investigating a phenotype for mild cognitive dysfunction in patients with heart failure, exploring self-care interventions for frail elders, implementing guidelines for heart failure management in skilled nursing facilities, and examining factors related to physiological symptom blunting in this population. In addition to her research, Dr. Jurgens serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing and the Board of Directors of the Heart Failure Society of America. Dr. Jurgens earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Vermont, a Master of Science from Stony Brook University, a PhD from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a post doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.