2017 | HFSA

Congratulations to the New Fellows of the Heart Failure Society of America

Practice News Fellowship

The Heart Failure Society of America (HFSA) is proud to announce 23 newly elected Fellows. These were members who applied for fellowship between October 1 and December 31 of 2016.

Fellowship is one of the most distinguished designations the HFSA can offer its members, and is a tremendous recognition of professional achievement and contributions to the Society. The designation is based on outstanding credentials, achievements, and contributions to heart failure medicine. HFSA would like to thank all Fellows for their contributions to the Society and to the fight against heart failure.

New Fellows of the Heart Failure Society of America

Hassan Alhosaini, MD, FHFSA
Gregory Fermann, MD, FHFSA
Michele Hamilton, MD, FHFSA
Seongkum Heo, PhD, FHFSA
Brian Jaski, MD, FHFSA
Daneil Judge, MD, FHFSA
Dalane Kitzman, MD, PhD
Kathik Linganathan, MD, FHFSA
Anthony Magalski, MD, FHFSA
Kenneth Margulies, MD, FHFSA
Christopher May, MD, FHFSA
Marco Metra, MD, FHFSA
Douglas Pearce, MD, FHFSA
Bertram Pitt, MD, FHFSA
Dino Recchia, MD, FHFSA, FACC, FASE
Toshio Shimada, MD, PhD
Maria White, NP, FHFSA
Wai Hong Wilson Tang, MD, FHFSA
Payman Zamani, MD, FHFSA
Todd Edwards, MD, FHFSA
Scott Hummel, MD, FHFSA
Ann Laramee, APRN, MS, FHFA
Jondavid Menteer, MD, FHFSA

The HFSA Fellowship Designation Program has moved away from an invitation process, and is now open to all members with 2+ years of membership. Application are reviewed on a quarterly basis. For more information, and to view a full list of HFSA Fellows, visit the Fellowship Designation Program webpage.