Brian Claggett PhD Headshot

Brian Claggett, PhD

Faculty Member Board Certification Review Faculty

Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA

Dr. Brian Claggett graduated with a PhD in Biostatistics from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. His methodological research interests include topics relevant to the analysis of clinical trials, including survival analysis, multiple patient-level outcomes, meta-analysis, and the identification of patient subpopulations who may or may not respond to a novel treatment. Dr. Claggett began working with Brigham and Women's Hospital in 2012 and is now an Associate Scientist in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at BWH and Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. He has collaborated with leading researchers investigating a variety of disease areas, including HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and heart failure. He serves as chief statistician for the Cardiac Imaging Core Laboratory and Clinical Trials Endpoints Center, managing large, multinational, phase-3 clinical trials and overseeing the secondary analyses conducted by research fellows within the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine. Dr. Claggett was involved in the clinical trials coursework for the Harvard T.H. Chan School's Program in Clinical Effectiveness for physician-clinicians and now teaches in research training programs at Harvard Medical School.