Strategic Plan

Explore the mission, vision, and strategic plan of the Heart Failure Society of America.


The vision of the Heart Failure Society of America is to significantly reduce the burden of heart failure.


The mission of the Heart Failure Society of America is to provide a platform to improve and expand heart failure care through collaboration, education, innovation, research, and advocacy.

Strategic Plan 2021-2023

GOAL: HFSA 365 Community.  Create a multi-pronged year-round community of heart failure providers, patients and corporations

  • Objective 1:  Increase the quality and quantity of networking opportunities at HFSA meetings (ASM, endorsed programs, and other meetings)
  • Objective 2:  Enhance HFSA’s role as the recognized clearinghouse for information on heart failure (research, drugs and devices, patient, practice, advocacy, etc.)
  • Objective 3:  Improve the online interaction among HFSA members
  • Objective 4: Improve the interaction between the HFSA leadership and HFSA members

GOAL: Heart Failure Research Foundation.  Be a leading resource for heart failure research

  • Objective 1:  Develop a research fundraising strategy for the Foundation
  • Objective 2:  Develop strategies to determine the areas of focus for funding of heart failure research
  • Objective 3:  Establish the operational and legal structure and strategies for the Foundation



For additional information about our strategic plan or process, please contact HFSA staff at or 301-312-8635.