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HFSA Volunteer Application Process Closed

The 2018 Volunteer Application Process has closed. Thank you to all of you who have submitted your name for consideration to serve on an HFSA committee and direct the future of the society!

The nominations committee will begin their work in April with a goal to communicate with all applicants by Early June. We hope those of you selected will be able to attend the 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting in Nashville in September to begin your tenure on the committee.

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Mandeep R. Mehra, MD, FHFSA, Chair of the Nominating Committee and Immediate Past President of HFSA, invites HFSA members to submit nominations to volunteer for one of the many positions available in 2018. We are particularly interested in identifying aspirational leaders looking to make a difference in Heart Failure and serve as a representative of their discipline (researcher, physician, nurse, pharmacist, PA, etc.) on a committee. Important assets for a nominee in these positions will include collaborative spirit, strategic focus and effective execution skills.

The HFSA is an increasingly influential society, expanding its footprint in policy setting, education, science, patient advocacy and enhancing membership value. As we grow in influencing the landscape of heart failure prevention and therapy, advocating for patients and providers, focusing on training and securing the future of our early career colleagues. Volunteerism is a principal backbone of the HFSA and an integral responsibility of each of our members.

Members are encouraged to either self-nominate or nominate a colleague for committee membership to help lead HFSA activities. Committee members are elected for a two-year term with eligibility for a second two-year term*.

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Board of Directors
- President-Elect*
- Director Positions
* If a new opening occurs among the officers or board due to a nomination for this position, those who apply for a board position will be considered.

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Advocacy Committee
Supporting policies that improve the care and outcomes of patients with heart failure and promote policies that will favor preventive programs.
Current Chair: Joseph A. Hill, MD, PhD, FHFSA

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Development Committee
Encourage financial support and industry participation in HFSA’s educational programs by fostering relationships with industry partners.
Current Chair: John Chin, MD, FHFSA

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Digital Communications Committee
Develop and oversee appropriate content for the HFSA website and social media websites such as the HFSA Facebook and Twitter accounts. Review press releases.
Current Chair: Eileen Hsich, MD

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Early Career Committee
To promote interest and careers of trainees and early career individuals through education, networking opportunities, and fostering communication among trainees.
Current Chair: Payman Zamani, MD, FHFSA

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Education Committee
To develop, monitor and evaluate HFSA’s overall educational programs; and review CME programs submitted by organizations seeking endorsement from HFSA.
Current Chair: Kenneth B. Margulies, MD, FHFSA

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Finance Committee
Develop, monitor, evaluate and oversee the HFSA annual budget in conjunction with the CEO for submission to the Board of Directors on an annual basis; evaluate current accounting and business procedures for HFSA and suggest changes as needed. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors about expenditures related to the strategic plan.
Current Chair: Biykem Bozkurt, MD,PhD FACC, FAHA, FHFSA

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Lifetime Achievement Award Committee 
To design and oversee the process for individuals nominated for the lifetime achievement award in heart failure. This committee may also be used to review and recommend guidelines for other awards should the Society expand the awards program.
Current Chair: Kathleen L. Grady, RN, PhD, APN, FHFSA, FAAN

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Membership Committee
Identify and develop HFSA’s membership goals and activities for maintaining and building membership. Administer the Fellow’s in HFSA recognition program.
Current Co-Chair: Martha J. Biddle, PhD, APRN, CCNS
Current Co-Chair: Mark A. Munger, PharmD, FHFSA
Current Co-Chair: Mitchell T. Saltzberg, MD, FHFSA, FACC, FAHA

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Nursing Committee
To increase the participation of nurses and nurse practitioners in HFSA activities to help fulfill the mission.
Current Co-Chair: Diane F. Gauthier, MS, RNP-BC
Current Co-Chair: Judith E. Hupcey, EdD, FAAN

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Publications Committee
Serve as an interfacing help between JCF, Elsevier, and the HFSA Executive Council for both business and production procedures related to JCF and HFSA developed publications. Develop and maintain standard operation procedures for the annual report of JCF status, finances, and publication goals to the Council for their use in conducting business with Elsevier and future strategic plans. Provide review and decision help for settling conflict of interest issues that may arise with JCF Editors.
Current Chair: Kathleen A. Dracup, RN, PHD, CNSc, FNP, FAAN, FHFSA

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Research Committee
Responsible for oversight and/or development of research activities in the area of heart failure for the Society, including evaluation of the heart failure grants to young investigator.
Current Chair: Bonnie Ky, MD, MCSE

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Scientific Statements/Clinical Positions Committee
Oversee the development of guidelines for the management of patients with HF, develop HFSA’s position on new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to HF, and update of existing HFSA heart failure guidelines.
Current Chair: Akshay S. Desai, MD, MPH, FHFSA


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Application Requirements:

  1. Current active member of HFSA
  2. Completed online application
  3. Current CV/Resume
  4. Letter of recommendation supporting your commitment to volunteer (must be from an HFSA member)

The online application process will allow you to answer the basic demographic questions and upload your CV and letter of recommendation. You can save your progress and return later if you don’t have the required documents.

Applications will not be considered complete until all questions are answered and a CV and letter of recommendation have been uploaded.

The deadline to submit applications to serve is March 19, 2018.

All applications will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee. Individuals recommended will be brought to the Board of Directors for review and vote. Individuals selected will be notified in June 2018. Only applications from current HFSA members will be considered. Incomplete applications or those not supported by the required supplemental information will not be considered by the Nominations Committee. If you have questions, please email the HFSA office at info@hfsa.org or call: (301)312.8635.

If you are interested in being considered or nominating a candidate, please click the link below to access our new online process.

Online HFSA Committee Application Portal