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Clinical Trial Central

What is Clinical Trial Central?

    ASM's Clinical Trial Central is right for you if you are conducting a randomized trial, registry or first-in-man experiences with novel devices or drugs and are seeking participants to enroll patients in your trial or you want to share your trial data with colleagues and peers.

    Clinical Trial Central provides a research-focused opportunity at HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting to share information through an electronic poster (ePoster) on:

    1. Trial in the recruitment or follow-up phase.
    2. How to get involved in company-supported research.

    Examples of information included on the poster board:

    • How to become a center
    • Inclusion/exclusion criteria 
    • List of centers participating
    • Name of trial
    • Payments to centers
    • Protocols
    • Recruitment dates
    • Reporting requirements
    • Source of financial support
    • Sponsor
    • Statistical power
    • Trial design
    • How to become involved in company-based research
    Submission Process

    If your Clinical Trial Central submission has been approved, please review the 2023 Clinical Trial Central Instructions and Guidelines below!

    Cost and Payment:

    • Industry Submissions: $999
    • Non-Profit Submissions: $999
    • NIH-Funded Submissions: Complimentary

    You will submit payment at time of submission, through the submission portal. The fee for NIH-Funded Submissions is waived, and you will enter a code instead. Please contact for the code for NIH Funded Submissions. 

    ePoster Upload Instructions

    Submission Deadline: September 22, 2023

    HFSA2023 ePoster Submission Site

    HFSA will be utilizing ePosters, and all poster presenters are required to submit an ePoster in PDF file format.

    Submit Here

    • First, please create a log-in code following this link. (Please use the email address provided during the submission as your username).
    • Second, please use this link to access the submission platform. Select the ePoster you wish to submit (if you have more than one).
    • Follow the easy steps for ePoster submission, and you will receive an email notification once your digital ePoster is processed.

    You can then review it and add audio narration, which is encouraged, but not required. Edits can also be made prior to the meeting, subject to HFSA approval.


    You will be able to add audio narration to your ePoster sections, during the final review step. To learn more about this feature, see this demo: ePoster with audio narration on sections & embedded video. You can view this 1 minute video tutorial on how to record your audio narration per section:

    Audio narration is not mandatory, but it’s strongly recommended, as it allows you to showcase your work in an even more comprehensive way and connect with attendees who may visit the ePoster Hub and view your abstract when you are not present.
    Should you have any questions, contact our team at or via the support widget found at the bottom right corner of the submission log-in page found here.

    Poster File Format Type Reminder:
    • ePoster  = .PDF File Format Only

    Reminder: When saving your ePoster, please include the Control #, Abstract Title (shortened if necessary) and presenter’s first name initial and last name.

    Control – Abstract Title – Presenter Last Name
    C 1235 – What is Heart Failure – J Doe 

    Note: When agreeing to publish your presentation and recording, please make sure that you remove any confidential data that you do not want shared with the public (for example, data behind tables/graphs, speaker notes) before submitting them for uploading on the online program.

    HFSA ePoster Design Requirements

    • Disclosures - Disclosure information for poster presenters and co-authors should be included in each ePoster. 
    • Format - ePoster files will be accepted in MS PowerPoint format only (ppt. or pptx. extensions). Macintosh presentations (i.e. Keynote cannot be accommodated)
    • Versions - Your e-poster must be submitted in a .PDF format. The audio narration must be submitted in an .mp3 format.
    • Template - Please find an example e-poster template here and here. Using this template is not required.
    • E-poster layout - Your e-poster should be laid out in landscape style. 16:9 is the preferred aspect ratio
    • File name - When saving your ePoster, please include the Control #, Abstract Title (shortened if necessary) and presenter’s first name initial and last name. Also, to avoid any compatibility problems, please do not use special characters (e.g. «, Ö, Ø, ñ, ε, ®, ý, }, {,etc.) to name your file. Do not use passwords or encryption with your files.
    • File size - The size of any given e-poster should not exceed 500 MB.
    • Font - Do not use special fonts which are not part of the standard PowerPoint package.

    ePoster Tips

    Your e-poster should quickly orient the audience to the subject and purpose of your study. Here are some suggestions that may be helpful for the preparation of your poster:

    • Your poster should have a clear message, a logical layout and be easy to comprehend in a couple of minutes.
    • Make sure that the specific sections (such as the background, methods, results and conclusions) are easy to locate on the poster.
    • Design the individual sections of your poster so that they can be quickly read; avoid large blocks of text and long sentences.
    • Try to keep your word count as low as possible.
    • Supporting images (such as graphs, tables, illustrations, photographs) can be very helpful and are often necessary to display results. Make sure that the images are easy to understand and are not overloaded with information.
    • Make sure that there is enough contrast between the color of the text and the poster's background.
    • There are many resources available with information and tips on how to make a good poster. A YouTube presentation on abstract and poster presentation can be found here: Abstract & Poster Presentation Video

    How to Create an ePoster in PowerPoint

    Step 1: Create ePoster in PowerPoint

    Step 2: To save as a PDF click File > Save As > select PDF as the file type

    IMPORTANT: When saving your ePoster, please include the Control #, Abstract Title (shortened if necessary) and presenter’s first name initial and last name. 

    Control – Abstract Title – Presenter Last Name
    C 1235 – What is Heart Failure – J Doe 

    Why Submit Your Trial?

    ASM's Clinical Trial Central can help you gain publicity:

    • All Clinical Trial Central ePosters received by the deadline will be listed in the HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting mobile app.
    • All Clinical Trial Central ePosters received by the deadline will be available for on-site viewing in the HFSA Annual Scientific Meeting Exhibit Hall.
    • Clinical Trial Central information received by the deadline will be listed in the Annual Scientific Meeting Digital Program Book.
    • Clinical Trial Central information will be included in email announcements to pre-registrants regarding exhibit hall activities.

    All other rules for exhibiting apply. If you have questions for exhibiting, email If you have questions for the submissions process, email

    Attendees - Why Visit Clinical Trial Central?

    You will want to visit Clinical Trial Central to:

    • Find intriguing randomized trials, registries or first-in-man experiences with novel devices or drugs that may help your patients.
    • Explore the research that is being conducted via clinical trials and registries to learn what is on the horizon for novel therapies and drugs for the treatment of patients living with heart failure.
    • Select a randomized trial, registry, or patient trials for novel devices and drugs for which you can enroll patients in the interest of improving patient care and advancing the field.
    • Speak with a Clinical Trial Representative and ask your questions directly during the ePoster viewing sessions.

    Learn more about the science at ASM