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Journal of Cardiac Failure Going Digital

Starting in January 2023, the Journal of Cardiac Failure (JCF) will be available exclusively online as the JCF editorial board invests in the digital future. This proactive step ensures a wider global audience can access the most up-to-date science and discussions in the heart failure community. 
Continue to enjoy all your current JCF benefits in addition to these exclusive online features: 

  • Enhanced visual take-home graphics
  • In-depth video content on select articles
  • Video shorts
  • Wider dissemination of content through multiple outlets: JCFEngage newsletter, multiple social media channels and YouTube

As a current HFSA member and JCF subscriber, there are no actions you need to take at this time. We do encourage you to whitelist the sender to ensure you receive your digital copy of the JCF. If you do not receive JCF delivered directly to your inbox by January 31, 2023, please contact
We also encourage you to follow JCF on social media and sign up for issue alerts and JCFEngage, the weekly newsletter.

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